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Show It Off: UC Santa Barbara’s Team-Issue Gear (What ‘chos Wear)

We’re trying to expand into the college game a little bit to give you all some fresh content, and here’s our first installment.  If you’re on a college team and want to be featured, tweet me.

Got a nice tip from my boy Cam who connected me with the UCSB baseball club who were nice enough to get us a few looks at their team gear for 2013.  The Gauchos are outfitted handsomely with Easton and Nike—see for yourself:

Despite not seeing a lot of them in the pros, I do like the Easton leather.  The very light tan with black is a distinct look, and I am curious about that two-piece Trap-Eze style web on the outfielder’s glove.  I wonder how the pocket performs because it seems like an interesting idea though I’ve never seen it done.

The Zoom Vapors are challenging my opinion that the New Balance 4040 is the best-looking shoe in the game, especially that blue.  I know there’s guys out there that want the ankle support, but for a low-profile, high-speed look, I’m not sure you can do better than that.  If I couldn’t wear them both at the same time, I think I’d go Vapor.  There I said it…

Here are the links:

Easton EPG82WB (Outfielder’s Glove)

Easton EPG56WB (Infielder’s Glove)

Easton EPG10B-SS (Pitcher’s Glove)

Easton EPG38WB (First Baseman’s Mitt)

Easton EPG453WB (Infielder’s Glove)

Easton Power Brigade Bats (a good portion of the UCSB squad swings the XL3 or the  S1 with an XL2 or S3 sprinkled in and one XL1 according to our source)

Nike Zoom Vapor Elite Cleats

Nike Lunar MVP Pro

Nike Free 4.0 V2 (couldn’t find UCSB’s colors) (for knob decals)

Any other college teams looking to get the WPW treatment?  Let us know via Twitter and we’ll show it off.

What Pros Wear Update: Bryce Harper (Glove, Sunglasses)

bryce harper glove, bryce harper akadema glove, akadema amr34, bryce harper oakley radar


Akadema Apache ABH-1034 (available with Bryce’s red-lacing customization through Akadema) and Pro Precision AMR-34 (grey is available via the Akadema custom builder, but the color looks lighter than Bryce’s)

Marucci H Web (photo-confirmation he used this in a game, see below)

We spoke with Akadema and the AMR-34 model you see in the feature is what Bryce has requested from Akadema.  We were told that Akadema is currently breaking the glove in for Bryce, which is traditionally what they’ve done.  Meanwhile, Bryce has been wearing two different Apache Series model ABH1034s.  One is grey and you can see a nice photo of it in the hitting portion of Harper’s profile.  The more recent Apache has been the black one:

Source: @akademapro

Source: @akademapro

Here’s a very nice “Making of” video of the Akadema Patriot Series USA134H, a glove that Bryce never wore (not that we saw), but still worth a look.

Bryce has a deal with Akadema, but recently we caught him having a glove affair with Marucci (below).

Source: Keith Allison

Source: Keith Allison

Scandalous—and as of now, still unavailable (aside from some kids on Instagram claiming they got one by playing for a Marucci Elite club team).  When they do become available, you’ll hear it here first.


Oakley Radar Pitch Straight Stem (available via Oakley’s custom builder with the specs below)

Frame: Pearl White (Straight Stem)
Lens: Fire Iridium Pitch
Icon: Gunmetal
Earsock: Black

Source: G Fiume/Getty Images

Source: G Fiume/Getty Images

Bryce looks like he’s going with a much more understated approach this year, losing the Phiten necklace and the bad haircut in favor of a classier look.  His sunglasses follow suit, going with some pretty standard Radars that you see above.  However, we did see him in a flashier set in spring, the Under Armour Phenom in white, seen here:

Source: Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Source: Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

We like these better—and they’re available online.

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Dominance Meets Opulence: Andrew McCutchen’s Cherry-Handled Marucci “Cutch 22″

Source: Justin K. Aller/Getty Images North America

Source: Justin K. Aller/Getty Images North America

Just released on Tuesday, we’ve got a few exclusive looks of the luxurious-looking Marucci “Cutch 22,” custom-cut maple for Andrew McCutchen.

On Cutch’s checklist: a big barrel, balanced feel, and a natural/cherry finish that Mike Jones might write a song about.  Marucci delivered with a piece that belongs in a Cadillac—so pretty you might take it to the movies.  Just don’t let that Costanza dude anywhere near it.

Here’s some raw footage from the Marucci/Cutch shoot:

Cutch will most likely be swinging this bat all season with subtle variations, including a gold Marucci trademark to keep an eye out for.

Get it here.

WPW Exclusive: Jose Bautista’s Marucci Elite Batting Gloves

Source: Mark Blinch/Rueters

From last night. Source: Mark Blinch/Rueters

We got some nice photos of Bautista’s new and exclusive batting gloves from Marucci and figured we’d share even before we get to updating Joey Bats’ profile for 2013.  We’ve been told these are called Marucci Elite, and that they will hit stores in October.  According to our source, Bautista was active in development regarding fit and feel.  Check ‘em out:







What Pros Wear Update: Bryce Harper (Bat, Batting Gloves, Cleats, Headphones)

bryce harper bat, bryce harper marucci, bryce harper batting gloves, bryce harper under armour, UA spine highlight

Did Nolasco think that Bryce hammering the first hanging curveball in the middle of the plate was a fluke?

I based my decision to do Bryce’s update first on the popularity of his Player Profile.  With that strategy, Trout will be next and we’ll move down the list in April.


Marucci Custom CU7 Maple (based off CU26, other Marucci cuts available)

Source: Rob Carr/Getty Images North America

Source: Rob Carr/Getty Images North America

Bryce is swinging a Marucci CU7 as you can see in the photo above.  You might be curious as to where the “CU7″ comes from.  According to our source, the CU7 stems from Chase Utley’s many customizations with Marucci: “Utley and Harper are close. Chase often gives him bats and sometimes Bryce request bats with Chase’s name on them.”

The bat seen in the feature is from last season, and the “SHRH” are his parents’ initials.  The measurements of that bat were 33.5 inch/31.2 ounce.  As for this year’s bat above, you can see the rosin/pine tar combo as Bryce opted to leave this bat’s handle untaped.  Bryce also swung some Chandler in spring, though it is yet to be seen whether he’ll bring the gold “C” out in a regular season game.

Source: @bharper34

Source: @bharper3407

Source: John McDonnell/TWP

Source: John McDonnell/The Washington Post

The bats seen in the photo above are the DTM7E and the CC13E, both maple with 24k gold trademarking.  As of 6.14.2013, the CC13E is available on  Custom Chandler bats are available online through Chandler’s twitter.

Batting Gloves

Under Armour Exclusives (we can’t find any info on these, other UA styles available, including Bryce’s Epic gloves from the UA commercial we broke down recently)

Source: Rob Carr/Getty Images North America

Source: Rob Carr/Getty Images North America

All we can really say about these is that they look reminiscent of the Under Armour Natural II’s that Bryce wore last year with the number underneath the UA logo and similar strap (see his aways in the Chandler pic above).  If anyone has anything to add, let us know.


Under Armour Spine Highlight

Under Armour Spine Low (If Bryce is wearing Spines he’s probably wearing these)

Under Armour Natural II Low ST (also on Ebay)

You can see Bryce’s custom hybrid cleats in the photo below.  Look closely, they are metal in the front and molded in the back.  Truly innovative.  The reason we have seen more guys going to molded lately is that molded are easy on the knees.  The 162 game grind is no joke and metals are now considered to do more harm than good for some guys.  With his hybrids, Bryce is probably trying to get the best of both worlds.

Source: Win McNamee/Getty Images North America

Source: Win McNamee/Getty Images North America

Below you can see that Bryce has been mixing in the Natural IIs with the Spine-like bottoms as well.   This combo version is not available online, but the Natural II’s are at the above links.

Source: Patrick McDermott/Getty Images North America

Source: Patrick McDermott/Getty Images North America

All of his cleats have his new trademark on the tongue—name another athlete that can say that at 20 years old…

Pregame Shoe

Under Armour Cam Highlight Training Shoe in an exclusive Red/Black colorway

You can get pretty close to these at the link above.

Source: Keith Allison

Source: Keith Allison

Dri-Fit Undershirt

Evoshield 3/4 Sleeve

Source: Keith Allison

Source: Keith Allison

Headphones (Why not?)

Beats by Dre Pro in Red


Also in that pic, he’s wearing what looks like some classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers, also available online.

Casual Shoes (Too far)

This is officially crossing the line into full on creep-status, but we did see this on his Twitter:


Those are the Vans SK8-HI in black, available online.

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NB and Michigan-Based Burn Rubber’s Limited Edition New Balance 574, “The Miggy”





According to the Detroit sneaker shop, ““The Miggy,” will be available exclusively at Burn Rubber on April 13th, 2013 (not April 8th as reported on other sites). They will release in store at 12 noon and any remaining inventory will be made available in our web store at 1pm EDT.”

There will only be 44 produced ($150 each), so if you need these you better catch a flight to the D ASAP.