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What Pros Wear Update: Evan Longoria (Bat, Batting Gloves, Cleats, Guards)

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Louisville Slugger I13 Flame-Treated Ash

Longoria has been hitting missiles with the flame-treated I13 for a while now.  The bat is available in both Longo’s old style Louisville as well as the new “Prime” cut.  From the photo below, you can see on the knob of a 2011 piece that he swings a 33.5 inch, 31.5 ounce, though there is always slight variation in the weight.


And below you can see a more recent bat, which shows that Longo’s lumber carries the new Slugger branding.

Source: Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images North America

Source: Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images North America

Batting Gloves

Nike N1 Fuse in White

The whites are exclusives, and frankly, I’m not a fan.  You can see them in the above photo.  They’re a little bland for my taste, though there are some other colors available at the link above.

Nike Diamond Elite Pro II in Rays Colors

These exclusives are a different story.  I’m such a sucker for the powder blues.  The Rays light blue unis are so sexy I can’t even stand it, so this only adds to the appeal for me.

Source: Jason Miller/Getty Images North America

Source: Jason Miller/Getty Images North America

Not only those, but he’s got another exclusive set for the home whites that we’ve seen this year as well:

Source: Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images North America

Source: Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images North America

Maybe its the Jordan Effect, but that Swoosh in Tarheel blue is hard to beat.


A totally blacked-out pair of New Balance 3000s

Longoria has been dipping his toes in a few Nike exclusives but keeps coming back to the NB 3000s.  He must really like them because, since he’s got a deal with Nike, he can’t show the logo, hence the blacked-out “N” for New Balance.  That won’t stop WPW from tracking them down for you, though.  Below, you can see the reflective “N” on the instep of his right foot.

Source: Duane Burleson/Getty Images North America

Source: Duane Burleson/Getty Images North America

Its these types of situations, like the Tulo batting gloves, when you realize that as incredible as Nike’s reach in the sports world is, you cannot discount the specialized companies like Franklin and New Balance.  These are people who have been working at their craft for generations, and they make a damn good product.

With that said, Longo’s locker is still flush with filthy Nike exclusives:

Nike Air Max MVP Elite 3/4

Nike Huarache Pro Mid (The first we’ve seen these, WPW reader Natan came up huge for us here)

Nike Free Run 2


Evoshield Batter’s Leg Guard in Black

Available not only in black but other colors, including camo.

Evoshield Elbow Guard in Dark Blue

Unavailable in Longoria’s blue, but there are many colors to choose from.

Benik W-107 Wrist Guard in Dark Blue

You can see this one in the photo before the slideshow of Longoria sliding.  It is available and in Longo’s color.

Pro Hitter in Various Colors

This one is the most popular “guard”-type piece of equipment in the Majors, hands down.  There’s probably a handful of guys on each roster that uses it.

WPW Exclusive (PHOTOS): @NewBalance 4040 Redesigned, to Launch 8/1 via @str8edgeracer

Source: cjwilsonphoto

Source: cjwilsonphoto

Found this today just wandering through Instagram.  CJ Wilson of the Angels took it and posted it a couple of weeks ago with the caption:

“Rained out and got to check out the new 40/40 from @nbbaseball

A little more research and found this from CJ Wilson’s fiance Lisalla Montenegro:

Source: @Lisalla

Source: @Lisalla

I checked with New Balance, and they confirmed that they are re-designing the shoe that launched them into the Bigs.  The “4040v2″ as they have been called, will be released August 1st, according to New Balance.  I am liking what I see.

They haven’t even been released for CJ yet, as he is still wearing his exclusive New Balance 3000s.

Source: Jeff Gross/Getty Images North America

Source: Jeff Gross/Getty Images North America

You like?

What Pros Wear: Evan Gattis (Catcher’s Gear, Glove)

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Here’s Evan Gattis’ catchers repertoire to complete the profile.  Thanks to Noah (our resident catching expert) for the help here.  These Mizuno gloves are a work of art.


Mizuno Pro GMP200 Limited Edition Catcher’s Mitt in Black

Evan Gattis wears the top-of-the-line Mizuno Pro GMP200 in black, a glove that is available, but not in black.  These Pro Limited Mizuno’s are some of the most gorgeous gloves I’ve seen.  Every time I get all jacked up about the Nike SHA|DO BF1489, I see the Mizuno GMP700 and I come right back.  That tan leather is just irresistible.

Source: Harry How/Getty Images North America

Source: Harry How/Getty Images North America

Mask and Gear

Mizuno Pro G2 Helmet 

Gattis wears Mizuno gear to match the glove.  Noah pointed out that Gattis is the only catcher in the pros who wears a helmet that isn’t an All Star MVP4000 or MVP2300.  His most commonly worn helmet is the one you see above, the red/navy.  There is a helmet available in red, just not with the navy stripes.  Gattis also wears a navy helmet occasionally.

Mizuno Pro G2 Set in Red/Grey (Away) and Red/Navy (Home)

Gattis’ red/grey away chest protector and shin guards (above) are available in a set at the link above, which includes the helmet.  The home version (see the feature photo) is not available.  If you just want the chest or the helmet or the shinnies, click here and you’ll find them.  The youth set, the G4 has some pretty sick colors too.

Catcher’s Corner: @Mariners #1 Prospect Mike Zunino’s Nike Gear

Source Ted S. Warren

As soon as Brandon Bantz comes up to the bigs, he is promptly sent back down to make room for fellow catcher Mike Zunino. Bantz wears a simple Minor League version of Major League System 7 All Star gear. Instead of the LG30PRO shin guards Bantz wears LG21PRO shin guards, a simpler version.  He does wear a CP30PRO protector, the standard Major League All Star brand protector. It looks to be a Wilson A2000 1791 glove, as you can see here.

Source Ted S. Warren
Source (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

And on to Bantz’s replacement, Mariners top prospect Mike Zunino. Mike wears a Nike set of gear. A Nike Elite protector and a set of Pro Gold shin guards with a Nike Titanium Mask. Check Ebay. Zunino also wears a Mizuno PROGMP200 glove in black. Pretty nice gear, I like it.

Source Jim Mone/AP

It looks like Steve Lerud is going to be a Major League catcher. With Carlos Ruiz down with a hamstring and with Erik Kratz’s knee surgery it will be Humberto Quintero and Steve Lerud up with the big league club. Two life-long backups, essentially. Lerud wears a typical set of System 7 catchers gear, a CP30PRO protector and LG30WPRO shinguards. A FM25TI and a CM3000 glove. And after some digging I also found a couple hockey mask pictures here. The hockey mask being an MVP2500.  It will be interesting to see Lerud up in the bigs, someone new.

Source Thole catching a pen in Buffalo

Josh Thole here in AAA Buffalo with the Blue Jay’s farm system. Thole was pushed down after the Jays acquired veteran catcher Henry Blanco. Thole wears a mixture of gear. Using a Nike Pro Gold Protector and a set of Pro Gold Shin Guards with an All Star MVP4000 mask and an All Star CM3000 glove.

Source Thole in AAA

He wore this in Spring Training of this year. The only difference being the Wilson A2000 Pudge rather than the CM3000. As you can see here and here, with the Mets.

Source Getty Images, Thole in Spring Training

Bryce Harper’s Profile Expanded, Personalized @Evoshield Wrist Guards Available

Source: Keith Allison

Source: Keith Allison

We added a few things (pregame stuff, the undershirt you see above, Chandler lumber, etc.) to Bryce’s profile today.  Check it out.

Also, we may be behind on this one, but I know how much you guys love the custom-numbered stuff, and Evoshield is delivering.  There is a strapped wrist guard that you can customize with your number on Baseball Express right now.  The links are below, and the price is reasonable:

Evoshield Personalized Wrist Guard w/ Strap

Evoshield Personalized Wrist Guard w/o Strap (comes in camo)

Mississippi State (@mstateBB) P Trevor Fitts Made a Powerpoint to Convince His Coach that Beards Would Get Them to #Omaha


Mississippi State and Omaha-bound Pitcher Trevor Fitts (he’s got a ‘stache in his pic) wanted to grow a beard but MSU’s Coach John Cohen has never allowed them.  So he made a Powerpoint to argue his case that beards would carry State to Omaha.

Fitts argued valiantly and won.  They’ll see Oregon State in Omaha this weekend.

Some highlights:

“…a pitcher can rub his beard and get a slight moisture…to get more movement”

“Ozzie Smith had a beard.”

“…the mustache can come off as creepy.”

Read it here at Hail State Beat.  Thanks to @section925 for the tip.