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Cincinnati Baseball Showing Athletes Everywhere How to Post-Game Interview

Is there anything more boring than a post-game interview these days?  Doesn’t matter the sport,  its the same canned “just gotta give credit to my teammates” and “take it one day at a time” cliche’s on a loop.

Not for the Cincinnati Bearcats baseball team though:

And on that note, could you see anyone besides baseball players doing something like this?  No, because we’re cooler and smarter and funnier and better-looking.  That’s not my opinion, that’s science.

What Pros Wear Update: Dustin Pedroia (Glove, Sunglasses)

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A full year since Pedroia had been updated—same brands, a couple new wrinkles, but most importantly, the same MVP candidate wearing them.


Wilson A2K DP15 (Discontinued but may be scarely available)

We hadn’t seen an A2K on anybody until this week and now we’ve seen two.  Pedroia wore a red version earlier in the season:

Source: Jared Wickerham/Getty Images North America

Source: Jared Wickerham/Getty Images North America



Though you can see him on Wilson Glove Day with the red, he’s been wearing the brown/black A2K (below) that has been discontinued.  We couldn’t find it online, but if you hunt every once in a while you’ll find one.

Source: Hannah Foslien/Getty Images North America

Source: Hannah Foslien/Getty Images North America


Bolle Warrant in Various Colors

Pedroia is the only guy in baseball wearing Bolle that we know of, wearing red, white (couldn’t find it) and black versions of the Warrant.  A nice choice for Pedroia thinking outside of Oakley/Nike box.  Gotta appreciate that.

Source: Alex Trautwig/Getty Images North America

Source: Alex Trautwig/Getty Images North America

The Week in WPW: #DuckSwag, Bryce Harper Cheating on Akadema, Oven Mitts

Check out our new forums.  Contribute.  Show off your own stuff like I did.  Make fun of my gross hat.  Just get involved.

Now for the good stuff:

Oregon’s Nike Air Elite Pregame Turfs via

BONUS: An eBay vendor with some Oregon exclusives that need to be taken seriously.

Bryce Harper cheating on Akadema, not once, but twice!?  SCANDAL!

Source: Denis Poroy/Getty Images North America

Source: Denis Poroy/Getty Images North America

The Rawlings above was pointed out by WPW reader Corey who thinks it was a HOH H-Web with Fastback—you can see the brown laces/red stitching… We’ll keep an eye on this to see if he sticks with it and thanks Corey for the scoop.

We also found this on Brad Mangin’s Instagram (which is a must follow), which looks a whole hell of a lot like a Marucci glove to me, which would make sense consider that’s what Bryce swings:

bryce harper marucci glove


That’s 100% a Marucci logo clipped on the left  side.

Oh, and he’s also gone back to the old school stirrups:

Source: Denis Poroy/Getty Images North America

Source: Denis Poroy/Getty Images North America

The Giants color guy Mike Krukow commented on it, saying “He’s going to bring that look back,” and before he could finish his sentence, the play-by-play guy, Duane Kuiper shot him down, “That is not going to happen.”  It’d be cool if he did though.

Lorenzo Cain, also from Mangin’s Instagram, rocking adidas Excelsior Pro BG’s:

lorenzo cain mangin

Josh Hamilton hitting again a sweet exclusive version of the Franklin CFX Pro, grey with red piping (via FranklinSports on Instagram which needs more followers):


From @pokebsbllequip, Oklahoma/Oklahoma State can agree on one thing:


This is happening:

yankees camo


Along with this:

yankees camo cap


They’ll be wearing those on May 27.  Click here for the jersey and here for the cap.

A nice gallery of throwback jerseys, and another of “good bad and ugly” on ESPN for Paul Lukas’ “Battle of the Uniforms” that I completely missed out on… Spoiler alert: the Orioles won.

Brett Gardner wears an oven mitt on the bags:

Source: Elsa/Getty Images North America

Source: Elsa/Getty Images North America

WPW Contributor Robert mentioned to me that Dan Uggla had some nice gear and he was right.  Check out the new-look Nike leather, the first we’ve seen in the infield (See Kemp, McCutchen, Trout):

Source: Scott Cunningham/Getty Images North America

Source: Scott Cunningham/Getty Images North America

He’s also wearing a bad ass exclusive version of the Nike Air MVP Pro cleats.

Here’s a great shot of Hyunjin Ryu’s New Balance 3000 cleats:

Source: Scott Cunningham/Getty Images North America

Source: Scott Cunningham/Getty Images North America

Which leads me to my next question… What is his protective gear brand?  Those are sweet-looking.  Help?

Source: Victor Decolongon/Getty Images North America

Source: Victor Decolongon/Getty Images North America

Just Added: WPW Forums (In Toolbar)

Another new wrinkle in our mission for world domination: forums.  We are much stronger as a group than as a solo operation (see the comment section on pretty much any page for all the times I’ve been wrong).  Because of this, I added a couple of simple topics, “MLB Gear Spotted” and “What YOU Wear” to a forum board in an effort to give you all a voice (see the top right of this screen for the “WPW Forums” page).

The topics are pretty self-explanatory.  If you see a MLB guy wearing something new, fresh, unidentifiable, ugly, or notable for whatever reason, post it in the “MLB Gear Spotted” section for discussion.  If you want to show off your own stuff (you all do and I know this), share it in the “What YOU Wear” topic so that we can all check it out.  Once the forums take off, we’ll have even more diversity with topics of interest.

Like I said in the About page, my goal is to make this a dynamic community where we can all see the latest and greatest gear out, and with your help these forums will take WPW to the next level.

What will it take to register, five seconds for years of gear euphoria?  Don’t be foolish.  Click here for the forums.

What Pros Wear: Jurickson Profar (Glove, Sunglasses)

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In celebration of MLB’s number one prospect Jurickson Profar’s 2013 debut, here we highlight the gear of the young middle infielder who is sure to be a WPW favorite.


Wilson A2K 1786 in Black with Red Web and Blue Lacing (Can be made with A2000 leather using Wilson Custom Glove Builder)

Source: Norm Hall/Getty Images North America

Source: Norm Hall/Getty Images North America

Profar’s glove is a nice Ranger-inspired Wilson A2K custom with a red web and blue laces.  Profar is the first guy we’ve featured that opts for the A2K leather over the A2000 leather.  The difference between the two is where the hide is taken from the cow.  The A2K leather is taken from the backside, which is thinner and smoother and supposedly easier to break in.  The A2000s are taken from the sides and the belly, which result in a thicker, stiffer, and supposedly more durable leather.  The reason for the A2K being more expensive is the fact that the backside type of leather is a rarer cut.

There is no A2K option for the Wilson Glove Builder but you can make Profar’s exact glove model with A2000 leather with the specs below:


  • Palm – Black
  • Web – Red
  • Back Fingers – Black
  • Thumb Strip – Black
  • Wrist – Black
  • Super Skin – No


  • Lacing – Royal
  • Welting – Black
  • Binding – Black


  • Wilson Back – Black
  • Wilson Front – Wilson Yellow
  • A2000 – Wilson Yellow
  • Web Stitching – Red
  • Shell Stitching – Black


Oakley Fast Jacket in Blue/White/Silver

Source: Rick Yeatts/Getty Images North America

Source: Rick Yeatts/Getty Images North America

Profar’s sunglasses are the Oakley Fast Jacket that you see above, in a frame color that is not offered on Oakley’s Custom Builder.  He has a royal blue frame that you can’t add in the custom builder, with chrome icons and white earsocks.  With the custom tool, you can get navy, sky, or light blue (but no royal???) and you cannot change the clip that connects the lense with the frame.

Catcher’s Corner: 5.20.2013

Editor’s Note: I would like to introduce everyone to the newest acquisition to the WPW team, Noah.  With constant requests for more catcher’s gear, we had to go out and find an expert.  Noah is that man.  We grabbed this post from Noah’s blog, and from here on out, Noah will be contributing his vast knowledge of catcher’s gear and other catcher-related stuff on WPW.  This is an exciting add for us, and one that will further our mission to be the best source for pro gear in the world.

Source: Baseball Prospectus

Source: Baseball Prospectus

Thankfully, Chris Stewart’s MRI came back clean. You wouldn’t think it by looking at the Yankees DL, as I’m sure you have already. Stewart has been a key part of the rag tag, yes, rag tag group of Yankee replacements holding down the fort at Yankee Stadium until the cavalry comes. Just glad we didn’t have to bring Bobby Wilson up. As he’s batting 174 in Scranton/Wilkes Barre. But, Stewart had a great frame on a low fastball featured in the 5/18 This Week in Catcher Framing. Love how he uses that big 34 inch CM3000 to pull that fastball up. Great stuff.

Also on one of my favorite websites Grantland and Ben Lindbergh had a sit down with Russell Martin. Some very interesting dialogue. Martin made a good point when he said he tries to “excite” the umpire by putting the ball in the pocket. Just one of the things that can effect a pitch. If you want more info you should probably just read it as it is an interesting piece and sheds some light on a growing subject in the world of baseball.

Yadi getting a curveball and working with it toward second base. It’s so hard to reach down and keep your momentum going forward and Yadi does it so easy. Amazing.

Robinson Chirnios battling the sun and some wicked backspin.

One of my favorite catchers Brayan Pena on another strike em out throw em out double play.

I am telling you right now, Hector Sanchez will be an amazing catcher some day. Maybe not amazing, but very good. Once he somehow (please dear catching god) gets out of San Francisco behind King Posey and goes through a few more years of Remedial Catchers Framing Training he will come out the other side a good player. This is what I want to happen. This is what I hope will happen. Plus I am probably saying this because the inner defensive minded catcher in me doesn’t like Buster Posey. But I mean, come on.

Show It Off: #20 Oklahoma State’s Team-Issue Gear via @PokeBsbllEquip

My favorite jersey in college baseball.  The Pokes throwback.

My favorite jersey in college baseball. The Pokes throwback.

Almost made it through the entire week without more college gear and it was getting depressing.  Here we have the #20 Oklahoma State Cowboys, with the best-looking throwback jersey in the game, hands down.  Just an absolute classic.  We also get a nice variety of Wilson leather, and the first DeMarini batting gloves we’ve seen on WPW.  Many thanks to Alix for the hook-up.  GO POKES!

Oklahoma State Cowboys New Era “NCAA 2 Tone 59FIFTY”

Batter’s Box

DeMarini Versus Batting Gloves

DeMarini Pro Equipment Batting Gloves

DeMarini Voodoo 2013 Bat

DeMarini Voodoo 2014 Bat

DeMarini Voodoo Backpack


Nike Air Gamer NIKEiD

Nike Air Gamer (eBay Search)

Nike Air Max Moto 9

Nike Air MVP Pro Metal

Nike Air Pegasus+ 28

Nike Lunar MVP Pregame


Wilson A2000 1786

Wilson A2K BW38

Wilson A28001613-BL

Wilson A2K 1786

Wilson A2000 B2

Wilson A2403 1790SS

Wilson A2000 KP92-BL