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What Pros Wear Update: Miguel Cabrera (Bat, Batting Gloves, Cleats)

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If you hadn’t heard, Miguel Cabrera won the Triple Crown last year.  This season he’s making everybody look bad again, already leading the Big Leagues in RBI by double digits and batting average by more than 20 points.  Thanks to Chris Davis’ breakout season, there’s actually some competition in the HR race, but I think we all know where the smart money will be on that race.


Sam Bat Maple MC1

Nothing changed here (and why would it).  The good news is you can swing the same bat as Miggy.  The bad news is it won’t work as well.


Batting Gloves

Franklin CFX Pro in Navy/Grey/Orange (Road) and Franklin Neo Classic II in Pearl/Navy (Home)

Source: Jason Miller/Getty Images North America

Source: Jason Miller/Getty Images North America

The road colorway (above) was made to commemorate Cabrera’s 2012 season and is exclusive to Cabrera (CORRECTION: Thanks to WPW reader Jack, we found them at along with some other sweet colorways you won’t find anywhere else!).  You can find other some more CFX Pro colorways here.  Miggy’s home choice (below), the Neo Classic II is also available in his exact colors.

Source: Leon Halip/Getty Images North America

Source: Leon Halip/Getty Images North America


New Balance 2000 Mid and New Balance 3000 Mid in Orange/Grey/Black/White (Away) and Navy/Black/White (Home)

Miggy has gone back and forth between molded (2000 model) and metals (3000 model).  The prevailing attitude in the Bigs these days is that metals are tougher on the body over a 162 game season, with many everyday players going for plastics.  Cabrera’s are exclusive, but there are plenty of colorways available.

Source: Duane Burleson/Getty Images North America

Source: Duane Burleson/Getty Images North America

Most recently, Miggy has been wearing metals, both home (above) and away (below)

Source: Rick Yeatts/Getty Images North America

Source: Rick Yeatts/Getty Images North America

Obligatory Memorial Day Camo Gallery

I don’t love the concept or the final product, but here’s a good portion of the USMC Digital Camo Collection that the MLB is rocking in a full schedule of holiday baseball today.  Once you’re done with this get out and long toss—there are no holidays from baseball.

Shop the 2013 USMC Digital Camo Collection Here

Shop the Camo Hats Here

What Pros Wear: Jurickson Profar (Bat, Batting Gloves, Cleats)

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Jurickson Profar is a scout’s dream—a switch-hitting athletic shortstop with speed and pop—a legit 5-tooler with freakish potential.  What the Rangers will do with him, who knows.  They’ve been flirting with him since last year but even with Kinsler out he isn’t getting full-time work.  Could he be traded?  Maybe, but speculating about Profar’s future team isn’t what we’re here for.  To the gear we go.


Trinity Bats

I spoke with Jeff McKee, Trinity’s CEO the other day and asked him about Profar’s bat.  Even HE couldn’t tell me what model it was, though he speculated it might be borrowed from Adrian Beltre.  We don’t want to just throw out a model when we really don’t know, so we will keep an eye on this and if anyone else has some info/photos let us know.

Source: Rick Yeatts/Getty Images North America

Source: Rick Yeatts/Getty Images North America

Batting Gloves

Under Armour Yard VI in White/Red and White/Blue

Profar has been wearing the Under Armour Yard VI since he’s been called up, contrary to the feature photo of him going commando (no gloves).



Under Armour Yard III Cleats in Black/White/Red

Same model as Jose Reyes, exclusive colorway like Reyes as well.  Like we found for Reyes, the best way to get some colors with these cleats is through eBay at the link above.

Thumb Guard

ProHitter in Blue

You’ll notice in both photos above that Profar wears the ProHitter thumb aid, a tiny accessory worn by a lot of big leaguers (Cano, Longoria, Hamilton, Zimmerman).  With hitters like that using it, it must work.

Catcher’s Corner: AL East Catchers

Baltimore Orioles: Matt Wieters: Wieters wears a very simple set of Under Armour Pro. Wieters tapes his wrists with black athletic tape and wears a batting glove underneath his Rawlings PROSCM41B. And since Wieters is a two time Rawlings Gold Glover he can get the gold Rawlings label on any Rawlings product he wants such as Mike Matheny or Yadi.  He also wears Under Amour kneesavers and has MW on the collar and #32 on his ankle flap. Also love the Orioles helmet he wears.

Chris Snyder: Old wily vet Snyder was called up by the Orioles after Tyler Teagarden went on the DL. Snyder has switched from the Reebok gear with the Astros to the TPX gear in Baltimore. Also uses a Wilson.

Boston Red Sox: Jarrod Saltalamacchia: Salty uses the Nike Elite gear and has a road and a home set of it.  He uses an All Star CM3000 glove  and All Star knee savers. He doesn’t use a shoulder flap, has his finger through and a little bit of tape around his index finger. He tapes both wrists and has two rolls of athletic tapes, two #39 armbands and as always “Salty” on the collar.

David Ross: Two tone MVP4000 with a leather chin guard, all red Mizuno Samuri Pro gear with no kneesavers and New Balance spikes, Ross also wears the Palmgaurd Inner Glove Xtra. Great picture here showing nothing on the collar and the David Ross script on his Mizuno Samuri Pro glove.

New York Yankees: Francisco Cervelli road  green padding stance two rolls of athletic tape, no extra Mizuno pads, Cervelli on the collar, Nike Mask.

Chris StewartFM4000 All Star mask road glove, nothing on the collar, no glove, All Star armband

Austin RomineMizuno gear Mizuno Pro, Evoshieldnothing on the collar, Nike Mask

Tampa Bay Rays: Jose Molinabroad shot Spring Training yellow name blue stitching ridged protector

Jose Lobatonfrontbrimmer and the All Star guard kneesavers kneesavers and the blonde CM3000 no kneesavers

Toronto Blue Jays: J.P. Arencibia shin guards Easton Titanium Mask white and blue Easton Stealth protector USA Team up close

Henry BlancoDiamondbacks



Catcher’s Corner: The Machete

Source: J. Meric/Getty Images North America

Source: J. Meric/Getty Images North America

I want to thank Mike for the opportunity to contribute to his site, it should be really fun. And I like the picture he chose to head this section. Old man Jose Molina and his collection of expensive, All Star catchers gear in powder blue and navy. But lets get down to some other gear here.

I love it when Martin Maldonado wears the gold System 7 gear. Just enough to give it some pop but not too much to make it over done. Really great gear. The All Star MVP4000 helmet looks very sweet as well, as it always does if you want to pay for one. Same goes for his custom black All Star CM3000. The same glove that Jose Molina  wears. Plus the fact that his nickname is “The Machete” makes him that much more cooler.

Source (Benny Sieu/ USA Today Sports)
Source (AP Photo/ Charles Cherney)

Little used Anthony Recker got some playing time yesterday. Interesting how he uses his primary colors on the ribs on his System 7 Gear. I would rather use the orange on the piping around to add some color in the center of the protector, like he did last year in Oakland. Makes the gear pop a bit more. Anyway he is also using the FM25TI titanium mask and All Star CM3000 glove. Very standard issue gear around the Majors, similar to Jonathon Lucroy or Guillermo Quiroz.

Source (AP Photo/ LM Otero)

Rangers catcher Geovany Soto looking very nice in his Rawlings Rawlings 950X protector and Rawlings XLGM shinguards. His protector, if you notice is made a little differently compared to the stock one. As it is custom made out of leather. Similar to Yadier Molina and Tony Cruz of the Cardinals. Also Geo wears the Rawlings Titanium mask, a form pioneered by Nike and Jorge Posada. A mask that if you have the dough, will be worth it, for it is as light as a catchers mask will get and still be safe. He also wears the Rawlings PROSCM41B glove. Another shot here.

Cincinnati Baseball Showing Athletes Everywhere How to Post-Game Interview

Is there anything more boring than a post-game interview these days?  Doesn’t matter the sport,  its the same canned “just gotta give credit to my teammates” and “take it one day at a time” cliche’s on a loop.

Not for the Cincinnati Bearcats baseball team though:

And on that note, could you see anyone besides baseball players doing something like this?  No, because we’re cooler and smarter and funnier and better-looking.  That’s not my opinion, that’s science.

What Pros Wear Update: Dustin Pedroia (Glove, Sunglasses)

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A full year since Pedroia had been updated—same brands, a couple new wrinkles, but most importantly, the same MVP candidate wearing them.


Wilson A2K DP15 (Discontinued but may be scarely available)

We hadn’t seen an A2K on anybody until this week and now we’ve seen two.  Pedroia wore a red version earlier in the season:

Source: Jared Wickerham/Getty Images North America

Source: Jared Wickerham/Getty Images North America



Though you can see him on Wilson Glove Day with the red, he’s been wearing the brown/black A2K (below) that has been discontinued.  We couldn’t find it online, but if you hunt every once in a while you’ll find one.

Source: Hannah Foslien/Getty Images North America

Source: Hannah Foslien/Getty Images North America


Bolle Warrant in Various Colors

Pedroia is the only guy in baseball wearing Bolle that we know of, wearing red, white (couldn’t find it) and black versions of the Warrant.  A nice choice for Pedroia thinking outside of Oakley/Nike box.  Gotta appreciate that.

Source: Alex Trautwig/Getty Images North America

Source: Alex Trautwig/Getty Images North America