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A Love Affair: The 2015 Marucci CAT 6 Review

Marucci CAT 6 Review

By Brian Duryea

(If you are looking for a more nuts and bolts type review you may want to try this 2015 Marucci CAT 6 Review.)

As someone who has a near clinical obsession with baseball bats, and has taken it upon himself to review them out loud for searchers willing to find the blog, I often find myself trying to look for what I don’t like in bats. Most readers, I may incorrectly suspect, expect a review to contain not just the good (they can usually find that on the company’s web site) but also the bad. And maybe not so much ‘bad’ as they want to determine if the bat is a good fit for them. So, with that in mind, I tend to be more critical of bats than is probably necessary in hopes of answering the question, “Is this bat for me?”

But here is the problem I stumbled upon very recently: sometimes you hold bats that you can’t find anything wrong with. And when that happens you are at a loss for words. I can’t just slobber all over myself on a blog post intended to review and introduce the reader to a new product. This isn’t a commercial after all and, again, readers want some integrity they can trust in their bat buying process–and that trust usually comes in a willingness to point out how the bat isn’t nearly as good as the company’s pictures and ad slicks make it out to be.

Marucci CAT 6 Review
But how do you stay objective when it’s love at first sight? When the glow of the bat in your eyes is matched only by the glow in your hands as you grip it. How can you disparage goodness as crisp and clear as mountaintop sunrises? How can anyone possibly resent something that provides so much joy in their life. Are reviewers not allowed to love? Oh, writes the poet, but how can lovers hate?

I guess one might claim the relationship is too young to gauge if the love is really forever. I mean, a few hundred balls in the cage, a couple nights to sleep on the idea and then another couple hundred balls to see if the love you felt at first was sustaining. Surely such a few late night trysts with a one piece aluminum shtick can’t prove love?

Marucci CAT 6 Review
But when the second go round was better than the first? When baseballs scream from the ping of this angel bat? I respond: Who is to argue what I felt in my heart? Who is to tell me that my commitment to never cheat, never pick up another bat, never swing any stick that doesn’t make me quiver at the thought of a stand up triple, that my love for this beautiful, sting free aluminum casing isn’t as real as my trembling voice? Who dares claim that pure and innocent love, new and fresh as it may be, isn’t as lasting as the ocean. Much less love has been bought for far greater a price.

And my commitment strengthens as I see her resting not far from me on the couch. Glistening white with gray and red accents. A patented knob with a vibration dampener. A gloss finish that is cool to the touch yet angry at the plate. Marucci CAT 6 printed so cleanly on the barrel.

And to those who are so quick to claim the love is mere infatuation and will last but a short while, I retort, ‘who cares’. Who cares what the future holds. Isn’t love meant to be lived in, to be captured in the moment. And in this very moment, I am certain, this bat is all I ever wanted.


Brian Duryea, the author, is the owner of and is a regular contributor to whatproswear. He can be reached at or

Starlin Castro’s Profile Updated

starlin castro bat, starlin castro batting gloves, cleats, nike huarache 2kfresh, louisville slugger m9 s318, louisville slugger pro

In case you forgot, Chicago already had a pretty damn good shortstop. Check him out here.

Alex Gordon’s Profile Added


Blue Steel.

Flashback: Russell Wilson Swings Louisville Slugger’s ExoGrid

ExoGrid Review

By Brian Duryea

Before you knew him as the 2nd youngest quarterback in NFL history to win a Superbowl, Russell Wilson was the quarterback at Wisconsin University. Before you knew him as the quarterback for Wisconsin, Russell Wilson played both baseball and football for the Wolfpack in North Carolina.

He would be drafted to play professional baseball twice: once out of high school by the Baltimore Orioles in the 41st round (which he declined and went to college) and also in 2010 in the 4th round by the Rockies. He played a couple years in minor league baseball until he informed the Rockies he was going to pursue a  career in the NFL. In 2013, the Rockies traded him to the Rangers.Russell Wilson Louisville Slugger Exo Grid Review

With NFL games starting up here shortly we thought we’d throw out what NFL pros wear by way of what bat they swing (or swung). Wilson, in college, used the original ExoGrid from Slugger. This bat was a pre-BBCOR regulation bat and a verifiable bomb dropper. The name came from a grid type pattern cut out of the handle to barrel transition and filled in composite. This gave the bat a lighter swing weight yet real stiff transition to the barrel which allows a greater trampoline effect.

Although you can still pick some of these up new, the ExoGrid design and models are no longer produced by Slugger. The new 915 and 715 do not incorporate a composite inner shell. Instead, they are two piece bats with a graphite and rubber slug in the barrel to handle transition–which make it a three piece bat.

Of course you can read a more in depth, near encyclopedic, Louisville Slugger ExoGrid Review here.

We also wanted to find what other quarterbacks who play baseball swing. So we went in search of Florida State National Champion and Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston. Here is a picture:


I’ll be danred. Turns out there is something about top shelf quarterbacks and their love for the Louisville Slugger bats. Jameis swings the ExoGrid 3.

Coincidence? Probably. But noteworthy considering football is just around the corner.

Brian Duryea, the author, is the owner of and is a regular contributor to whatproswear. He can be reached at or

UA’s 2015 Batting Gloves, Carbon Fiber Armour, Cleats via Baseball Factory

Under Armour Yard Undeniable Batting Gloves

I’ve been on somewhat of a hunt to learn/see more about these new Under Armour batting gloves and thanks to Baseball Factory and the UA All-America game, we got some nice up-close shots to gawk at.

These are called the UA Yard Undeniable, and its looking like they’ll release on 10/1 at $49.99.  These are the colors that we might expect, though they are subject to change:

UA Yard Undeniable Batting Gloves (Colors)

Love ‘em, even despite the Volt.  Its so obnoxious at this point that I don’t even want to address it.

Under Armour Gameday Leg and Elbow Guards

UA’s got a new line of armour (I’ll spell it non-America style since that’s how UA does it) that implements a carbon fiber shell that looks tight and is perfect for this application.  I think Evoshield might have some legit competition next season (these ship 10/1).

Under Armour Yard Mid & Low ST 2015 Cleats

Baseball Factory also gives us our first good look at the 2015 UA Yard Mid and Low ST cleats.  You can also expect to see a few different colorways on the 10/1 ship date.

UA Yard Mid ST 2015 Cleats

Rather than give you my opinion, what do you think about these 2015s compared to the 2014 Yard style?

Dee Gordon's Under Armour Yard Mid ST Cleats (closest alternative)

Under Armour Yard Wrigley Commemorative Insoles

Here’s a look at the insoles (Baseball Factory calls them sock liners) that UA All Americans were steppin’ in.  They’re a tribute to Wrigley Field’s 100th anniversary, where the game took place.  Imagine playing at Wrigley Field?  My God that’s a guaranteed 3-5 mphs on the four seam, right?

2014 All America Game Top Velocities by Inning via Baseball Factory

2014 All America Game Top Velocities by Inning via Baseball Factory

Right.  Wrigley-fueled cheddar coming out of these kids’ ears.  There’s a good chance you’ll see a lot of these names lighting up the gun at Wrigley on the Big League circuit in short time.

Anthony Rizzo’s Profile Added

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Check out the other half of Chicago’s twin terrors here.  Javy Baez (for those who missed it) here.

What We Missed While I Was Blowin’ It

Garrett Richards' Nike Lunar Vapor Trout Cleats (After)

I went dark for about a week there because I got invited to “pitch” the concept of WPW to some investors.  There were 9 other companies pitching, including a dude that built “submarine superyachts” and another that made computer-generated 3-d models of people.  Then I came up like, “SUPPP! YOU GUYS LIKE DIGI CAMO ARM SLEEVES?”  Its safe to say Mark Zuckerberg can rest easy, I’m not coming for his job.  Funny because last weekend I was pitching a baseball, not a business plan, and that was much more fun.  Either way, I’m looking for editors (with college degrees in journalism) for basketball and soccer.  If you know a good candidate hit me up at

Moving along… let me throw some swag at you as my humble apology.

Turns out that Kole Calhoun’s got red hair and he doesn’t care.  He’s got the wristband to prove it:

kole calhoun wristband red hair

Unfortunately I couldn’t track that one down for sale but it looked like it was available at some point at a site called “Ginger Problems.”  I guess there’s just no shame anymore.

Garrett Richards’ tragic injury robbed us from seeing these babies on the bump:

Another custom job by Recon Northwest, who is building a formidable resume amongst MLB stars.



Just want to reiterate, if you hadn’t already seen it, two Bryce Harper game spec Rawlings PROHARP34 gloves are available online.  Check ‘em out here.  Check his profile here.  (Also, a cheaper “Gamer” version is designed just like the red one, which you can get here.)

As you can see in the caption, Buster’s got a little side-piece he’s been working into the rotation lately in the Marucci BP28 34/32 seen above.  It is important to mention, though, that it looks like he’s trying to patch things up with his Louisville Slugger D200, since he went yard with her earlier tonight:

With that swing though, they’re all gonna look good.

Kevin Kiermaier swinging a Phoenix Bat, a lesser known brand that bills itself as a manufacturer of “Premium Wood Bats For Hitters Who Want To Rake.”  Sounds pretty simple.  Website here.

David Price is rocking his Jordan 13s with the new club.

As you might expect you won’t be able to find these.  Custom Cleats is your only option.

I’d like to go on record and say that Josh Harrison is in direct competition with Chase Utley for the freshest batting gloves in baseball.  The one-color look just does it for me.

Might as well take it to a vote.  Harrison’s UA Yard or Utley’s Franklin Pro Classic?


Also would like to congratulate my high school and summer ball teammate Joe Panik on his first bomb and 4 hits today.  Guy just hits everywhere he goes and I don’t expect that to change.

Coming back with a vengeance next week.  Win some ballgames this weekend I’m sure its the stretch run for most of you.