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First Look at New Balance 2015 Minimus and 3000v2 Cleats

New Balance 3000v2 Cleats (Navy)

I love days like these.  New Balance sent us through some gorgeous shots of their two newest ponies in what is now undeniably a two-horse race between Nike and New Balance for baseball cleat supremacy.

The ones pictured above, the New Balance 3000v2, are the new edition of New Balance’s comfort-driven 3000, worn by guys like Miguel Cabrera and Evan Longoria.  New Balance really showed off their attention to detail with the implementation of a digital camo embossed effect that appears throughout the cleat.  As much digi camo as we’re seeing these days, NB’s design team did a great job getting it in there in a way that was subtle but still distinctive.  I’ve never been one to get too worked up about the bottoms of a shoe since it gets dirty in the first 10 steps you take, but these are pretty sexy.

Below you can get a look at the colorways.  Baseball Express is showing these “On Order” right now in 11 colorways.  Shop them here.

New Balance Minimus Cleats (White/Black)

As for the Minimus, this cleat takes the name of a line of running/training shoes that New Balance says is “a new place on the spectrum from barefoot running to the traditional maximum-cushioning running shoe.”  You can tell by looking that the drop (height difference between the heel of the shoe and the toe of the shoe) is minimal (get it, Minimus?) which should make these cleats as low to the ground as any that’s ever been made.

We haven’t seen the Minimus for sale online yet, but our guess is they’ll show up very soon.

We will have more details on this one tomorrow, but I wanted to at least show you guys the photos.

Which would you rock?

Baseball Express Selling Brett Bros Composites for $40


Just figured I’d let you guys know about a bat I really like that is on sale at Baseball Express.  The Brett Bros Composites.  I have been swinging the Gobon 271 thanks to a teammate who let me borrow it and I absolutely love it.  It is as balanced a bat as I’ve ever swung, and the ball seems to really jump.  That plus the fact that you get a 120 day warranty for $40 is as good a deal as you’ll ever see.

Looks like the sale is on for 3 days.

Get a Brett Bat here.

Dustin Pedroia’s Profile Updated

Dustin Pedroia's Louisville Slugger DP318 Maple Bat

Dustin Pedroia’s got a new club.

(+ cleats, sunglasses, guards)

Sponsored: Varo Baseball Advanced Bat Weight Storming MLB On-Deck Circles (DISCOUNT CODE)

There’s hardly been advancement in bat weights – until Varo Baseball came along. Varo made an appearance in the All Star Game and since then has been popping up in on-deck circles throughout the MLB.

varo bat weight angels on deck circle

Why are Big Leaguers picking up Varo?  Our advanced weight distribution technology creates game-like swings that improves a player’s mechanics and strengthens baseball muscles. Weight placed at the end also provides barrel ‘feel’ through the zone, encouraging an inside path to the baseball. All this allows you to finish through the ball since you can feel the barrel.

(from Twins OF Oswaldo Arcia's Instagram account)

Swing Varo today – Varo is so confident you’ll love the swing, they offer a Perfect Swing Guarantee. If you don’t love it, Varo will take it back, no questions asked.

And, each Varo is made right here in the USA for ultimate quality.


Grab your Varo today and get 10% off your purchase at with discount code “WhatProsWear”.

You can win prizes all summer long. Join the family and follow Varo Baseball (@VaroBaseball on Instagram and Twitter and like them on Facebook to stay up to date and win prizes.

Editor’s Note: I want to mention that Varo sent a weight over to WPW (Mike) earlier this year and my teammates and I have really enjoyed it.  It truly does give you a balanced feel.  I attribute the difference to the air-holes.  They slow down your swing using air resistance and the swing was heavier, but much more balance than a traditional weight.  Hard to really explain it unless you swing it.  I would absolutely recommend it if you’re looking for a new weight.  You won’t be disappointed.

Buster Posey’s Profile Updated

Posey was swinging Marucci for long enough now that we needed to update it.  A few other tweaks too.  Check it out here.

Pedroia will get the next update, since he’s made the opposite switch from Marucci to Louisville (its a variation of the S318 that Pedroia had named for him, the DP318).  Louisville tells us that Pedey gave the DP318 a slightly bigger barrel than the S318.

Evan Longoria’s Profile Updated with New Gloves and New Cleats

Evan Longoria's New Balance 3000 Cleats

Check these monsters out here.

Kyle Seager’s Profile Added

kyle seager victus ks15 bat, kyle seager rawlings glove, kyle seager under armour cleats, under armour batting gloves, evoshield city elbow guard, kaenon sunglasses

The best 3rd baseman in baseball?

Adam Jones’ Profile Updated

A few tweaks but still oozing swag.

Starlin Castro’s Profile Updated

starlin castro bat, starlin castro batting gloves, cleats, nike huarache 2kfresh, louisville slugger m9 s318, louisville slugger pro

In case you forgot, Chicago already had a pretty damn good shortstop. Check him out here.

Alex Gordon’s Profile Added


Blue Steel.

UA’s 2015 Batting Gloves, Carbon Fiber Armour, Cleats via Baseball Factory

Under Armour Yard Undeniable Batting Gloves

I’ve been on somewhat of a hunt to learn/see more about these new Under Armour batting gloves and thanks to Baseball Factory and the UA All-America game, we got some nice up-close shots to gawk at.

These are called the UA Yard Undeniable, and its looking like they’ll release on 10/1 at $49.99.  These are the colors that we might expect, though they are subject to change:

UA Yard Undeniable Batting Gloves (Colors)

Love ‘em, even despite the Volt.  Its so obnoxious at this point that I don’t even want to address it.

Under Armour Gameday Leg and Elbow Guards

UA’s got a new line of armour (I’ll spell it non-America style since that’s how UA does it) that implements a carbon fiber shell that looks tight and is perfect for this application.  I think Evoshield might have some legit competition next season (these ship 10/1).

Under Armour Yard Mid & Low ST 2015 Cleats

Baseball Factory also gives us our first good look at the 2015 UA Yard Mid and Low ST cleats.  You can also expect to see a few different colorways on the 10/1 ship date.

UA Yard Mid ST 2015 Cleats

Rather than give you my opinion, what do you think about these 2015s compared to the 2014 Yard style?

Dee Gordon's Under Armour Yard Mid ST Cleats (closest alternative)

Under Armour Yard Wrigley Commemorative Insoles

Here’s a look at the insoles (Baseball Factory calls them sock liners) that UA All Americans were steppin’ in.  They’re a tribute to Wrigley Field’s 100th anniversary, where the game took place.  Imagine playing at Wrigley Field?  My God that’s a guaranteed 3-5 mphs on the four seam, right?

2014 All America Game Top Velocities by Inning via Baseball Factory

2014 All America Game Top Velocities by Inning via Baseball Factory

Right.  Wrigley-fueled cheddar coming out of these kids’ ears.  There’s a good chance you’ll see a lot of these names lighting up the gun at Wrigley on the Big League circuit in short time.

Anthony Rizzo’s Profile Added

anthony rizzo marucci bat, anthony rizzo nike cleats, anthony rizzo rawlings glove, nike mvp elite pro batting gloves, nike air huarache pro cleats, marucci rizzo 44

Check out the other half of Chicago’s twin terrors here.  Javy Baez (for those who missed it) here.

What We Missed While I Was Blowin’ It

Garrett Richards' Nike Lunar Vapor Trout Cleats (After)

I went dark for about a week there because I got invited to “pitch” the concept of WPW to some investors.  There were 9 other companies pitching, including a dude that built “submarine superyachts” and another that made computer-generated 3-d models of people.  Then I came up like, “SUPPP! YOU GUYS LIKE DIGI CAMO ARM SLEEVES?”  Its safe to say Mark Zuckerberg can rest easy, I’m not coming for his job.  Funny because last weekend I was pitching a baseball, not a business plan, and that was much more fun.  Either way, I’m looking for editors (with college degrees in journalism) for basketball and soccer.  If you know a good candidate hit me up at

Moving along… let me throw some swag at you as my humble apology.

Turns out that Kole Calhoun’s got red hair and he doesn’t care.  He’s got the wristband to prove it:

kole calhoun wristband red hair

Unfortunately I couldn’t track that one down for sale but it looked like it was available at some point at a site called “Ginger Problems.”  I guess there’s just no shame anymore.

Garrett Richards’ tragic injury robbed us from seeing these babies on the bump:

Another custom job by Recon Northwest, who is building a formidable resume amongst MLB stars.



Just want to reiterate, if you hadn’t already seen it, two Bryce Harper game spec Rawlings PROHARP34 gloves are available online.  Check ‘em out here.  Check his profile here.  (Also, a cheaper “Gamer” version is designed just like the red one, which you can get here.)

As you can see in the caption, Buster’s got a little side-piece he’s been working into the rotation lately in the Marucci BP28 34/32 seen above.  It is important to mention, though, that it looks like he’s trying to patch things up with his Louisville Slugger D200, since he went yard with her earlier tonight:

With that swing though, they’re all gonna look good.

Kevin Kiermaier swinging a Phoenix Bat, a lesser known brand that bills itself as a manufacturer of “Premium Wood Bats For Hitters Who Want To Rake.”  Sounds pretty simple.  Website here.

David Price is rocking his Jordan 13s with the new club.

As you might expect you won’t be able to find these.  Custom Cleats is your only option.

I’d like to go on record and say that Josh Harrison is in direct competition with Chase Utley for the freshest batting gloves in baseball.  The one-color look just does it for me.

Might as well take it to a vote.  Harrison’s UA Yard or Utley’s Franklin Pro Classic?


Also would like to congratulate my high school and summer ball teammate Joe Panik on his first bomb and 4 hits today.  Guy just hits everywhere he goes and I don’t expect that to change.

Coming back with a vengeance next week.  Win some ballgames this weekend I’m sure its the stretch run for most of you.

Note from the Editor: Lack of Pro Stuff for a Reason

What’s up everybody, just wanted to say sorry for the lack of pro content over the last few days.  A big opportunity is knocking for WPW and it will be a win-win for EVERYBODY, that includes you, but I have been 100% focused up on it and will be until Thursday.  Brian and Jake have been doing a great job keeping it fresh, but just wanted to let you guys know.


The Toast of Chicago, Javy Baez’ Profile Added

javier javy baez jordan cleats, javy baez ssk glove, javier baez marucci bat, oakley radar sunglasses, jordan 13 cleats

Check out the gear of MLB’s newest super-prospect here.

Dellin Betances’ Profile Added


Mariano who?

Yoenis’ Red Sox Gear Update

yoenis cespedes nike cleats, yoenis cespedes chandler bat, yoenis cespedes rawlings glove, evoshield leg guard, oakley fast jacket sunglasses, yoenis cespedes cutters batting gloves

Red Sox just got swaggier (and now no one can use the word swag anymore because that officially killed it forever…my bad).

Mike Napoli’s Profile Updated

Mike Napoli's Oakley Radar Angling Specific Sunglasses

Check it out here, complete with “angling” Oakleys.

Evoshield to Release 2nd Run of EvoScopes Sunglasses

evoshield evoscopes

Quick FYI, Evoshield let us know that they’ll be re-loading on the sold-out EvoScopes sunglasses that we discussed a couple weeks ago.  They’ll be available tomorrow, August 1st (around noon eastern) at $99.99.  Get them here.


Bryce Harper’s Profile Updated

Bryce Harper's Under Armour Deception DT Hybrid Cleats

Bryce’s locker has been refreshed for the second half. Check out the updates here.

New Balance Area Code Games Uniforms Might Make You Jealous

mike trout harper area code

The 2014 Area Code Games, an elite high school tournament which boasts 11 number one overall picks in its 28-year existence, start in a week.  This is an MLB scout-driven exhibition of the best young talent in the country, and MLB scouts have a pretty good eye for that kind of thing.  Little names like Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Clayton Kershaw, Jacoby Ellsbury, Prince Fielder, Albert Pujols, Dustin Pedroia, David Wright, Giancarlo Stanton, CC Sabathia and Troy Tulowitzki all played in the Area Code Games before launching into super stardom.

New Balance has the honors to outfit all eight squads this year, all of which are hand-picked by scouts from a specific MLB team.

Below you’ll see each tourney team’s uni, the White Sox, A’s, Reds, Brewers, Yankees, Nationals, Royals, and Rangers…

…which are just excruciatingly fresh.  The detailing on the pants is making me jealous.  I want.

For those not lucky enough to be invited, lets at least pretend.  Which scheme would you want to rock in front of a bevy of scouts from all 30 MLB teams and just about any college that matters?

Hanley Ramirez’ New Balance 4040v2 “Hanleywood”


That is the absolute definition of “Hanleywood” right there.

Whether you love it or hate it, Giants need a W tonight to avoid getting steamrolled by, in my view, the best team on paper in baseball.  You’re crazy if you don’t shudder looking at that 3-man rotation of Kershaw, Greinke, and Ryu.  And then as a pitcher you’re staring down a 2-3-4 of Puig-Gonzalez-Hanley that, if Dee Gordon finds a way on base, you’re living my nightmare.

We all know his history, so Hanley’s looking to reduce the pounding on his joints over the stretch run by mixing in a TPU (plastic) 4040v2 from New Balance, who is now at a point where they’ve got the best palette in baseball and they’re having fun with it.  These cleats look good in every color.  This one looks like its got a reptilian treatment to compliment Hanley’s overall opulence.

Hanley had a brief stint with Carl Crawford’s Jordan 12s early in the season, but he’s come right back to his NB “Hanleywood” cleats that he’d been in since last year.  These are obviously player exclusive, but there is plenty to choose from with the 4040v2.  Shop them here.

See Hanley’s full WPW profile here.

Jose Altuve’s Profile Added

jose altuve tucci tl-238 bat, jose altuve nike cleats, jose altuve wilson a2k glove, nike mvp elite pro batting gloves, nike vapor elite pro batting gloves, oakley radar path sunglasses

After two-and-a-half seasons of WPW snubs, Houston is on the map.  Here’s your two-time All Star and proof that its not the size of the dog in the fight that matters.  Check his gear here.

What Pros Wear: Jose Altuve (Bat, Glove, Cleats, Batting Gloves, Sunglasses)

jose altuve tucci tl-238 bat, jose altuve nike cleats, jose altuve wilson a2k glove, nike mvp elite pro batting gloves, nike vapor elite pro batting gloves, oakley radar path sunglasses

Altuve is proof that in baseball, size really doesn’t matter.  The 5’6″ Venezuelan flash is leading the AL in AVG, SB, and hits at the time of this writing and just bagged his 2nd All Star appearance in 3 full seasons.  Baseball is the only sport where you can line up 9 Jose Altuve’s against 9 LeBron James’ and still have no clue who will win.  For that, and for Jose Altuve, us sub-6-footers are thankful.


Nike Air Huarache Pro Low

Nike Lunar Vapor Trout Spectrum in Orange/Volt  (All Star Game)

Altuve is a player that relies on stealth, and his gear reflects that.  He keeps an understated grey/black look throughout his gear, including the Air Huarache Pro Low you see below. These are available at the link above.

In the All Star Game, however, Altuve indulged and went with the head-turners, the Nike Lunar Vapor Trout Spectrum in orange, available at the link above.


Tucci TL-238 Maple 33/31

As you can see in the feature, Altuve handles a Tucci TL-238 Maple.  This cut is not available, but you can shop Tucci’s available pro lumber here.

Batting Gloves

Nike MVP Elite Pro in Various Astros Colors

Nike Vapor Elite Pro (All Star Game)

Altuve has mixed in just about any colorway of the MVP Elite Pro that would possibly work for the Astros awesome color palette.  Unfortunately, none of them that we’ve seen are available.

In the All Star Game, Altuve went with a little more flair than we’re used to seeing from him with the Vapor Elite Pro batting gloves you see below, which are available in a few colorways.  Volt fans, eat your heart out.


Wilson A2K 1786 2015 in Black/Grey

Jose showed this beauty off on his Instagram on Opening Day, along with some Nike batting gloves and a TL-S318 Maple.  (He hasn’t been swinging this lately.)  GOOD NEWS: Altuve’s Wilson glove is the 2015 Pro Stock version, which is available on order at the link above.


Various Oakley Models, including Oakley Radar Path, Oakley Fast Jacket

We’ve seen Altuve wear a few different versions, including the all-white Radar Path below, as well as the Fast Jacket further down.

The Fast Jacket: