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Wrigley’s 100th Anniversary is as Throwback as it Gets


via (gotta click this one to get a good look)

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via @cubs

One hundred years ago today, the first game at Weeghman Ballpark was played between the Chicago Federals and the Kansas City Packers of the Federal League.  That ballpark would come to be known as Wrigley Field, a national relic and one of America’s most beloved structures.  Today, the Diamondbacks and Cubs celebrated Wrigley’s legacy with the Packers and Federals throwback uniforms you see above.

A Cracker Jack card of a 1914 Chi-Feds dirtdog.

A Cracker Jack card of a 1914 Chi-Feds dirtdog.

Even the fans got into the throwback spirit.

Above is an amazing reproduction of the ad placed by the ballpark’s owner, Charles Weeghman, on Opening Day in 1914.

“This great park, dedicated to clean sport and the furtherance of our national game is yours, not ours.  Its destiny is in your hands.” –Charles Weeghman

Such a great moment for Chicago and the baseball community in general.  To think all that park has seen and as much as the world has changed around it, our game is still exactly as it was on that day in 1914.

Which unis do you prefer?

Masahiro Tanaka’s Profile Added

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Check out the Yankees’ new ace here.

Jose Abreu’s Profile Added

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Check out Chicago’s newest monster here.

Hot Starts: Alexei Ramirez, Dee Gordon, Masahiro Tanaka, Darryl Strawberry

Alexei Ramirez is soaring in the NIKEiD MVP Elite 3/4 in black/white.  Ramirez is one of the only guys we know that wears Nike’s Shox cushioning.

alexei ramirez nike cleat

He’s swinging an Old Hickory lately, and we’ve seen him with the J143 model in the past (Trout’s model).  These are available online.

Chris Colabello is leading the AL in runs batted in.  Its fitting that he’s wearing the ultimate run producer, Big Papi’s Franklin CFX Pro Exclusive batting gloves.  Franklin has made these available to us all—a flat-out power move.

Dee Gordon has been an on-base machine so far this year, but he’s not spending much time at first.  He’s got the greenest light in the Big Leagues, off the leash in a pair of Under Armour Yard Mid ST.

Here’s a fun fact: since Brandon Moss has been an Oakland Athletic, he’s homered once every 13.7 at bats, which is good enough for top 5 in the MLB over that span.  He’s also two-for-two on division titles.

Our research tells us Moss is swinging a Louisville Slugger S328, the same model as another guy who could hit ‘em in bunches, Darryl Strawberry.

Strawberry hit 335 home runs in his career, one every 16.17 ABs.  That’s the 29th best home run rate of all time, better than Lou Gehrig and Hank Aaron, among others.

Straw did not get cheated.

He also wore Saranac brand batting gloves, a company who no longer makes batting gloves for baseball.

And to top it all off, the Mickey D’s wristbands:

Guy might be on the Mount Rushmore of Swagger.  Mount Swagmore?

Masahiro Tanaka will get a full profile, but here’s a quick look at his Mizuno Global Elite glove:

Masahiro Tanaka Mizuno Global Elite Glove

This glove looks like it’ll be available in July and can be pre-ordered at this link, but I could only translate what Google allowed me to.

Troy Tulowitzki’s Profile Updated


Brands stayed the same, some models changed.  Still fresh as anybody in the game.  Check it out here.

Curtis Granderson has a Crystal Clear Message for Jackie Robinson Written on his New Balance Cleats

Curtis Granderson is as classy as it gets in the Big Leagues.  He’s a tremendous leader on the field as well as off it, with a commitment to his community that many athletes feign, but few actually live by.  Granderson has always shown appreciation for Jackie Robinson and what he stands for, and this year Grandy wanted to show his graciousness loud and clear with his New Balance 4040v2s.

Curtis Granderson's Jackie Robinson Day New Balance 4040v2 Cleats

Where some guys use it as an excuse to add more flash, Granderson will take the field in Phoenix tonight with a relatively understated 4040v2 with a simple message: “Thank You Jackie.”

3 Curtis Granderson's Jackie Robinson Day New Balance 4040v2 Cleats

First Look at this Year’s Jackie Robinson Exclusives Comes from Andrew McCutchen

We are told these are the Nike Swingman MVP 2 3/4.  Though these are unavailable online, you can find the Swingman MVP 2s here in several solid colorways.

Check that—2nd look.  Jason Heyward showed his off yesterday:

Hope to have more Jackie Robinson commemorative cleats coming through as the day rolls on.

Miguel Cabrera’s Profile Updated for 2014

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Check it out here.

Shane Victorino’s Flyin’ Hawaiian Nike SHA|DO Elite J Glove

Source: AP Photo/Matt Slocum

Source: AP Photo/Matt Slocum

via @t_vett on Instagram

via @t_vett on Instagram

The Nike glove department has been operating more like an art studio of late, treating each professional custom glove like a blank canvas, as we saw recently on guys like Ian Kinsler and Andrew McCutchen.  The latest guy to hit the Swag Lottery?  One of Nike’s most spoiled athletes, Shane Victorino.  Victorino is living out a ballplayer’s dream with the treatment he gets.  Just a quick look at his Instagram account is proof enough that he’s got it made, but these gloves are on a completely different level.

Shoes are one thing, we’ve seen Nike tell stories on those for years, but Victorino is one of the lucky few that gets to tell his story on a baseball glove.

Whether you are a fan of the colors/web/whatever, can you imagine getting a glove like this?  With your number, your family’s names, your hometown, and to top it all off the “Hang Loose” hand emblazoned on the palm.

And you might be wondering about those symbols, what they mean.  According to Victorino, ”Its a family pattern designed for me by a famous Hawaiian designer.  It tells the story of my family and my life’s story.”

Baseball players often talk about how sacred their glove is, how strong the bond is between a man and his glove.  In Victorino’s case, how could the bond be any stronger?  I’d want to be buried with it.

Oh, and he got THREE OF ‘EM!

All three implement a mesh back that you can see flows through very subtly to the thumb and comes to a point at the Swoosh on the wrist.

This one might be my favorite because I think the navy palm/red “Hang Loose” is just too filthy, but I’m interested to know your opinions on these as well.  Only thing I know for sure is Victorino has got it made.  Thanks again to @T_Vett for sending these through.

There are no H-Webs available yet, but you can shop the rest of the Nike SHA|DO Elite J line here.

George Springer, #21 Prospect in MLB, Shows WPW his Nike Hyperfuse One-of-a-Kind Glove

George Springer, the #21 prospect in baseball and a guy who nearly went 40/40 in the minors last year, sent us some great shots of the Nike gloves he just got in today.  He shared this one on Instagram, which looks a whole lot like Carlos Gonzalez’ from last year (UPDATE: Springer has since deleted this).

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ve been asked to remove the images of Springer’s Hyperfuse glove.  Expect more from WPW on this as the season progresses.

Though we had to remove the photos, just know that the Nike Hyperfuse glove is definitely from the future.

This more standard Astro-colored H-Web is maybe a little less Robocop but still a beautiful glove.  We’re hoping to see this one in Houston asap as Springer is expected to join the Big club this season.

Fellow top prospect (#23 in baseball, #1 in Jays org.) and Nike athlete Aaron Sanchez also sent us a shot of his NIKEiD Gamers, Nike Diamond Elite leather, and threw in his IonMe Negative Ion bracelets.  These are popping up on top prospects wrists all over the league.  Check them out at this link for more info.

Thanks a lot to Springer and Sanchez for sending these through—be sure to follow them on Instagram (Springer, Sanchez).

Ben Zobrist’s Exclusive New Balance 3000 Cleats & Dustin Pedroia’s New Franklin CFX Pro BGs

Ben Zobrist's New Balance 3000 Cleats

Nice day for footwear on WPW.

Here’s further proof that the Rays are the most stylish team in the business, Ben “Zorilla” Zobrist’s New Balance 3000 cleats up the neon ante with a lime green color that we’ve never seen before on the diamond.

This falls in line with the Volt green trend pulsing through the league right now, but with a little more attention to the team’s colors than what most guys are doing—just stamping neon green on whatever, wherever.

You can get the New Balance 3000s here.

Speaking of, here’s Dustin Pedroia’s newest Franklin CFX Pro colorway:

Not that I don’t like these as a standalone batting glove, but what does this colorway have to do with the Red Sox?  Shouldn’t Zobrist be wearing these with those fresh 3000s?

CFX Pros are available here.

Jacoby Ellsbury’s Yankee Profile Updated

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Check out the latest great Yankee center fielder’s gear here.

Final Hours to Enter Franklin’s Custom Batting Glove Giveaway

Its pretty much impossible to be as genuinely happy as Nick Swisher, ever, but I think this might be your only chance.  Enter the Franklin custom BG giveaway here.

Here’s an exclusive look at Evan Longoria’s new CFX Pro‘s for 2014 as creative inspiration:

Robby Cano’s Profile Updated

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See Seattle’s newest star’s repertoire here.

Bryce Harper’s Profile Updated

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Lots of new goods for our most popular player.  Check ‘em out here.

Jose Bautista’s Player Profile Updated

jose bautista bat, jose bautista marucci, jose bautista cleats, marucci elite batting gloves, new balance 4040v2

Check it out here.

The Crusader by @Burgar3llo Wins the Wilson Custom Glove Giveaway


The Crusader by @Burgar3llo, with 35% of the vote, ran away with this one.  Congratulations to @Burgar3llo and thanks to everyone for entering.  It was a lot of fun reviewing your work, there were about 100 entries we would have loved to see win.


If over the last week you ended up falling in love with your new baby and can’t live without her, go back to and win her back.

Exclusive Photos: Dustin Pedroia’s New Balance 4040v2 Cleats for 2014

Dustin Pedroia's New Balance 4040v2 Cleats for 2014

And the one we’ve all been waiting for.  Its been documented on this website that Pedroia was the catalyst for the New Balance take-over, and as appreciative as they are, the team over at New Balance takes extra special care of him.  They’ve done great work for him in the past (check his others here and here) and the newest installment is no exception.

Let us know how they stack up to the other 2014 4040v2s we’ve seen, and shop the 4040v2 here (Pedroia’s white signature 4040v2s are available).

Here are the competitors:

Nick Swisher's New Balance 4040v2 Cleats

Nick Swisher

Asdrubal Cabrera's New Balance 4040v2 Cleats

Asdrubal Cabrera

Jason Grilli's New Balance 4040v2 Cleats

Jason Grilli

Jose Bautista's New Balance 4040v2 Cleats

Jose Bautista

The Elite 8 Finalists of Our Wilson Custom Glove Giveaway

Let me start by saying that this was the toughest decision of our lives.  OK not that tough but it took way longer than expected to pick finalists.  There were so many fresh jobs that they all deserved our attention and respect.

We originally wanted to choose 4 finalists, but it was impossible, so we expanded the field to 8.  Even at 8, there were some left out that could easily have won this contest.  If you didn’t make it, don’t take it as a slight on your stylistics, just that we had to somehow narrow it down.

Check ‘em out, click the WPW-anointed names to view the specs, pick your favorite and vote on it at the bottom.  The more voting the better, so share with your friends, too.  A huge thank you to Wilson for putting this together.  Go get a fresh custom glove at if you haven’t already.



wilson entry 1

The Crusader 1786 by @Burgar3llo

This Holy Cross recruit looks like he’s prepping for a middle infield job with the Crusaders.  That mesh/purple/white is straight dirty and a great match for his team colors.

wilson entry 2

The Hand of the Rising Sun 1781 by @OnoTaishi

Taishi designed a glove inspired by his home country, Japan.  It was the yellow logos that really made this one pop.

wilson entry 3

Seafoam DP15 by @tyler_helm21

I caught myself favoring the white base colors, and this one was one of my favorites.

wilson entry 4

Stars and Stripes DP15 by @Dat_Dude_TR

There were a few like this but this one stood out from the rest for us.  Its not too loud but still a bona fide head-turner on the diamond.

wilson entry 5

The Black Hole 1791-Pudge by @Daps_20

Our catcher’s entry, this is just a sharp all-around custom job.  Looks like it has an insatiable appetite for fastballs on the black.

wilson entry 6

Baby Blue I 1787 by @jdmcewen22

So easy on the eyes.  This one has heartbreaker written all over it.

wilson entry 7

Stay Classy 1787 by @CAMPAS_13

Many of the classic-looking gloves lost out in favor of the vibrant ones, but this cream/black was the classiest entry we saw.  Vanderbilt should be all over this.

wilson entry 8

A&W DP15 by @DaneHogue

Maybe its because I love cream soda, but this one just looks delicious.

Voting Rules

  • If I sense cheating, you’re disqualified
  • Share with your friends

Jose Bautista’s Custom New Balance 4040v2 Cleats



Joey Bats just doing what Joey Bats does.  Bludgeon anything he can reach into the left field bleachers.

Here’s our latest scoop from New Balance, the 4040v2 cleats made exclusively for Jose Bautista, featuring the “JB” logo that we originally thought was reserved for Marucci products.  Its looking very much at home here on the tongue of these 4040v2 Mids.

These are metals, but it looks like the ones on his feet in the lead photo are MCS.  You can pick up the 4040v2 cleats here.

Check out our other custom 4040v2 close-ups:

Asdrubal Cabrera

Jason Grilli

Nick Swisher

Once you’ve reviewed them, tell us your favorite.  I honestly can’t decide!  Probably our toughest vote yet.

Today is the Last Day to Enter the Wilson Custom Glove Giveaway


If you haven’t already, make sure you get your entries in tonight.  I’ll be picking the finalists starting at 8 pm Pacific time tonight, so get your glove to me before then.  We will release the finalists tomorrow, time TBA (just follow us on Twitter so you know exactly when it’s released).  Read the contest directions and rules HERE.

Good luck to you all.

Asdrubal Cabrera’s Custom New Balance 4040v2 Cleats

Asdrubal Cabrera's New Balance 4040v2 Cleats

Have a look at Asdrubal Cabrera’s New Balance 4040v2 cleats. These are the first that I recall seeing in MCS (plastic) form in the Bigs, but as I’ve written about in the past, the plastics are something guys go to for comfort over a long season.

Shop the 4040v2 collection here.

Hint: We’ll unveil Pedroia’s 4040v2s on Friday, Opening Day at Fenway Park.

Derek Jeter’s Profile has been Updated

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Source: Rick Schultz/Houston Chronicle

The Captain’s profile has been updated here.

Jose Fernandez’ Player Profile Updated


The Cuban phenom’s profile has been updated here. Glad to be back!