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What Pros Wear: All Star Exclusives

Harper’s All-Star Leather. Source: Getty Images

Here’s Harper’s Akadema AMR 34 glove that we’ve seen him rocking in Kansas City this week.  It looks very similar to this Domonic Brown exclusive on Akadema’s Facebook page:

Domonic Brown’s AMR 34 with mesh back.

Try the Akadema Custom Glove Builder if you’d like your own!

Source: Getty Images

Just like Adam Jones, here you see Castro wearing custom Nike Show X2 sunglasses.

Source: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images North America

Melky just poked a single and scored on a Braun double, he was wearing a mean-looking black and orange pair of Franklin Neo Classic II batting gloves.  You can make out the fact that he’s swinging a Louisville Slugger M9.  His cleats were a bright orange (not pictured) and I’d guess they’re the All-Star Air Max MVPs we saw in the Derby last night, the problem is he was moving too fast to make them out.

Melky’s third from the right.

OH!  And his sunglasses are a custom pair of the Oakley Radar Range!


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