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Baseball Express Selling Brett Bros Composites for $40


Just figured I’d let you guys know about a bat I really like that is on sale at Baseball Express.  The Brett Bros Composites.  I have been swinging the Gobon 271 thanks to a teammate who let me borrow it and I absolutely love it.  It is as balanced a bat as I’ve ever swung, and the ball seems to really jump.  That plus the fact that you get a 120 day warranty for $40 is as good a deal as you’ll ever see.

Looks like the sale is on for 3 days.

Get a Brett Bat here.

Dustin Pedroia’s Profile Updated

Dustin Pedroia's Louisville Slugger DP318 Maple Bat

Dustin Pedroia’s got a new club.

(+ cleats, sunglasses, guards)

Sponsored: Varo Baseball Advanced Bat Weight Storming MLB On-Deck Circles (DISCOUNT CODE)

There’s hardly been advancement in bat weights – until Varo Baseball came along. Varo made an appearance in the All Star Game and since then has been popping up in on-deck circles throughout the MLB.

varo bat weight angels on deck circle

Why are Big Leaguers picking up Varo?  Our advanced weight distribution technology creates game-like swings that improves a player’s mechanics and strengthens baseball muscles. Weight placed at the end also provides barrel ‘feel’ through the zone, encouraging an inside path to the baseball. All this allows you to finish through the ball since you can feel the barrel.

(from Twins OF Oswaldo Arcia's Instagram account)

Swing Varo today – Varo is so confident you’ll love the swing, they offer a Perfect Swing Guarantee. If you don’t love it, Varo will take it back, no questions asked.

And, each Varo is made right here in the USA for ultimate quality.


Grab your Varo today and get 10% off your purchase at with discount code “WhatProsWear”.

You can win prizes all summer long. Join the family and follow Varo Baseball (@VaroBaseball on Instagram and Twitter and like them on Facebook to stay up to date and win prizes.

Editor’s Note: I want to mention that Varo sent a weight over to WPW (Mike) earlier this year and my teammates and I have really enjoyed it.  It truly does give you a balanced feel.  I attribute the difference to the air-holes.  They slow down your swing using air resistance and the swing was heavier, but much more balance than a traditional weight.  Hard to really explain it unless you swing it.  I would absolutely recommend it if you’re looking for a new weight.  You won’t be disappointed.

Buster Posey’s Profile Updated

Posey was swinging Marucci for long enough now that we needed to update it.  A few other tweaks too.  Check it out here.

Pedroia will get the next update, since he’s made the opposite switch from Marucci to Louisville (its a variation of the S318 that Pedroia had named for him, the DP318).  Louisville tells us that Pedey gave the DP318 a slightly bigger barrel than the S318.

Evan Longoria’s Profile Updated with New Gloves and New Cleats

Evan Longoria's New Balance 3000 Cleats

Check these monsters out here.

Marucci Hex Composite Reviewed and Revealed

Marucci Hex Composite Review


By Brian Duryea

In addition to the release of the CAT 6, that we revealed on here a couple days ago, Marucci also launched a new line of 2015 full composite bats for youth. The bat is called Hex Composite. It is only available in youth sized big barrels.

It is a smooth looking bat with a very balanced feel. It has a very noticeable cushy bat wrap that feels like a pillow on your palms. It is a one piece composite and those who hit with it might have a hard time missing a baseball considering the size of the extended barrel. This bat could row you across the Atlantic.

A longer review of the Hex Composite can be found here, the rest of us can just enjoy the pictures and some pretty smooth looking craftsmanship—which we’ve come to expect from Marucci. This is their first real foray into the full composite big barrel bat space and it will be interesting to see what these guys have up their sleeve in the years to come.

Currently the best place to buy these bats is probably here.