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Robinson Cano’s Profile Updated


I’m working like a dog to launch our fully re-designed and very much improved (and behind schedule) website.  We’ve been holding off on updates for too long, though.  Here’s our most popular profile of the moment, Robinson Cano—updated for 2015.

Jackie Robinson Day + Dustin Pedroia and Justin Upton Build Their Custom Franklin Batting Gloves

Jackie Robinson’s impact on America’s Pastime, not to mention America, is immense and I lack the vocabulary to properly pay respect to one of the most courageous men to ever walk the Earth.

Instead, how about a look at some fancy shoes.


We all know by now the entire league dons 42 for Jackie, but here’s a great look at it from @NumbersMLB.

Its gotten to the point where we know we can expect custom cleats on this great day from Andrew McCutchen and Adam Jones (Swingman MVP 2 above), as well as Curtis Granderson, below.  Robbie came through with a pair as well, but if you see something, say something!

Curtis Granderson’s 4040v2s done by The Sole Revival out of Chicago.


Tomorrow vs Cal, UCLA and adidas will pay their own tribute to Robinson, UCLA’s first athlete to letter in four sports (baseball, basketball, football, track).

It looks like adidas went with an old school leather look on these Energy Boost Icon cleats, but I’m gonna go ahead and give ‘em a big fat THUMBS DOWN.


Are you guys into these?


Above from Mache Customs, a big name in the aftermarket custom business.  While we’re at it, lets take a quick moment to catch you up on all the Mache Customs heat that you may have missed if you don’t already follow him:



The older model New Balance 3000 stars in this custom job.  In one shoe is the Congo de Africa logo we’ve seen on Pablo’s bats, and the other has the country of Venezuela.  Your guess is as good as mine on the Congo thing, as well as why Pablo chose the older cleats vs. the new ones.


Shane Victorino makes a lot of money and spends it all on custom cleats.  Above, a Mache custom job paying tribute to Boston and Hawaii.

Franklin also posted these, a pair of custom camo CFX Pro batting gloves.

We got a closer look thanks to Franklin HQ, and when at first I wasn’t a fan, the beauty shot has me comin’ around:

I still would have kept the navy out of it.  Meant to post this sooner, but this is a good time for it.  Dustin Pedroia and Justin Upton designing their custom Franklin batting gloves together.  Its a good watch for Pedroia’s commentary alone.

Beltre, Elvis, Prince and the Gear of the 2015 Texas Rangers


The Rangers opened the 2015 season in Oakland, and WPW scored our first ever regular season on-field assignment.  Aside from the sheer entertainment value of watching Adrian Beltre, Elvis Andrus, and Prince Fielder play pepper pre-game, we had a great time and got some of our best looks ever at the gear we covet.  Now we’ll take an in-depth look at the gear of the 2015 Texas Rangers.

Rougned Odor’s training glove is a Wilson Custom clinic.  Its a risky proposition to go with 3 colors but he managed to make an outrageously colorful glove look good.  Any more than 3 colors and I think it’d be a mess.

Odor was also rocking the 4040v2 turfs pre-game.

Shin-Soo Choo’s custom Nike MVP Elite Pro batting gloves in red/blue were our favorites on the Rangers and his Nike MVP Pro cleats are oldies but goodies.

Elvis Andrus swung Rougned Odor’s Chandler CC13 Maple in BP and in the game.  He also swung Odor’s Tucci in BP.

SSK PS-200 Fungos w/ Lizard Skin Grips.

Prince Fielder’s Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROFM20XLKB Single Post 1B Mitt is a larger version of Adrian Gonzalez’ 12.25″ PROFM20KB.  Here’s some more info on it:

  • “Success” is embroidered in scarlet script.
  • The glove is stitched in copper.
  • XRD finger-pad over the index finger.

Prince was also rocking some Oakley Radar Pitch sunglasses in BP, and swung one of Adrian Beltre’s Marucci AB29 Maple bats.


Versus RHP Jesse Hahn, Prince used the same bat from BP, the AB29 with a black Lizard Skin Grip.


Later in the game, versus LHP Eric O’Flaherty, we saw Fielder come to bat with a Tucci TL-271 Maple with no Lizard Skin.  I think the pitcher’s handedness played a part.


Adrian Beltre swung the same Marucci AB29 that Fielder swung vs Hahn (Prince is standing left and Beltre right, with the same model).

For pre-game, Prince Fielder was rocking the Nike Air Veer Premium Safari (above left) and Beltre the Nike Lunarglide 5 with animal print.  Shin-Soo Choo wore the Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 in grey/red/blue.  (Thanks to Ben for the ID help.)

Mitch Moreland’s Louisville Slugger I13L had a sweet finish.

Leonys Martin’s custom SSK with the “Star V-Net” web doesn’t seem to be available through the custom builder.

Adrian Beltre’s glove has remain unchanged since WPW’s initial research on him, the Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRONP5TLB.  Here’s some more info on it from Rawlings HQ:

  • Beltre goes between 11 ¾” and 12”.  (NOTE: We suspect the 11 3/4 inch is for practice, seen above with Dominican Republic flag.)
  • Heart of the Hide glove are made from Horween leather.  Horween Leather Co. is one of the oldest tanneries in the United States and has supplied Rawlings with leather since 1929.
  • Sometimes “Beltre” is embroidered in white and other times in black.
  • He has earned Gold Glove labels for his gloves.

Beltre also wears prescription Oakley Radar Pitch Straight Stem glasses.

We also noticed Delino DeShields swinging a Dove Tail Bat in BP.

Rougned Odor is borrowing Yu Darvish’s Asics elbow and leg guards.  As elbow/leg guards go, Darvish’s are some of the prettiest.  Odor’s 4040v2 turfs matched his cleats.  He also wears Franklin Neo Classic II batting gloves.

Prince Fielder’s stupidly baggy pants obscured his Nike MVP Pro 2 cleats.  He is rocking some white Nike MVP Elite Pro batting gloves with a blue Swoosh.


Elvis Andrus was the coldest guy in the building that night, but he barely let his Wilson A2000 X2 BP glove out of his sight.  He never put it down until it was time to hit.

His Nike MVP Elite Pro 2 batting gloves are fire and we also saw a red/white/blue pair of Nike Show-x2 sunglasses that look available.

Andrus’ Nike Lunar MVP 2 turfs follow the Andrus/Beltre animal-print formula.  These customs are snakeskin like his Huarache Pro cleats (also above).

Also pictured: a couple more looks at the Chandler CC13 (Rougned Odor’s) that Andrus is swinging.

Adrian Beltre is wearing Nike MVP Elite Pro batting gloves in BP then switched to his favorite Diamond Elite Pro model in the game.

Along with Andrus, Beltre is wearing some snakeskin Huarache Pro cleats, but in a different colorway.  Both are wearing MCS (plastic).

FIRST LOOK at Yadier Molina’s New Balance 3000v2 Cleats


New Balance does it again with Yadi Molina’s fully custom 3000v2 cleats in both home and away colorways, complete with an ode to his home country, Puerto Rico, on the tongue.  Shop the 3000v2 here.


Both of these are drop-dead gorgeous, but those whites are the winners for me.  There’s just something about a pair of fresh whites…

Which do you like best?

More WPW from Opening Week…


Hisashi Iwakuma flashing some custom Nikes I’ve never seen before.


Josh Harrison’s new adidas contract is treating him well.  The batting gloves are adidas Adizero and the cleats are the adidas Power Alley 2.


Brandon Crawford wearing NIKEiD Huarache Pro MCS with a graphic that is available.


Cargo rocking the Nike Vapor Elite Pro batting gloves and a custom volt/silver colorway of the Nike Air Max MVP Elite 2 cleats that we saw him in during Spring Training.


Nori Aoki discovered the Varo Arc bat weight and brought it with him to SF.


Matt Kemp wearing a custom Nike MVP Select glove that I hope we can get more photos of.  We first saw these at the University of Texas.


Ryan Vogelsong looked better than he pitched in a pretty Marucci T-Web glove.


Jean Segura with a pair of Milwaukee proper New Balance 3000 cleats and Franklin CFX Pro batting gloves.

David Price absolutely dealt in his Jordan Super.Fly 3 cleats that we first saw in last year’s playoffs.  The Super.Fly 3 is available.

The future for the Yankees, Didi Gregorius, is wearing a blue-laced version of this glove, the Mizuno Pro Limited GMP400:


Russell Martin throwing his name in the hat for Freshest Catcher in the Game with this repertoire: Kyrie 1 custom cleats from, Rawlings Yadi chest protector in blue, and a pair of Easton HS9 batting gloves.

Shane Victorino showed off some of his custom jobs by Nike, which he called Spiderman-, Oregon-, and Ohana-themed.


Pablo’s SSK glove during his SF days was one of our favorites and SSK did a bang-up job with his Boston leather as well.  Here you see him tarring up his glove, which I presume he does so he can go to it for grip, but I honestly don’t know for sure. Also notice that Pablo has left Under Armour and is now wearing an exclusive pair of Franklin Neo Classic II batting gloves, as well as New Balance 4040v2 cleats.


Andrew McCutchen is always one to watch for WPW as his stuff is usually one-of-a-kind. 2015 is no different, with a gorgeous Nike SHA|DO Elite J glove like Drew Stubbs’ we saw in Spring:


…and some new Swingman swag on his hands and feet, which we’ll hopefully get better photos off soon.


As anticipated, Robbie Cano is officially a New Balance/Franklin guy now.

We’ll begin updating profiles very soon.

Opening Day Recap

Expect a lot out of WPW in the coming weeks—including a new design, updated profiles, some legit on-field content.  This should be our best year.  Thanks for the support and please continue to tell your teammates.  What I’ve learned in the first three seasons—the more traffic we get, the more access we get.  Win-win.

Mike Trout and Bryce Harper started off their season right.

(Bryce in Under Armour Igniter 2.0 Sunglasses swinging Chandler bats—either the YC52 or CB271.)

On that note, Chandler Bats just launched their website.  Looks very nice and should be a glorious day for those looking to swing Chandler.

Trout swings the Old Hickory MT27 (J143) Maple.

Fast friends Dustin Pedroia and Hanley Ramirez put on a show in their NBs.  Pedroia’s gold 4040v2s are majestic.  So were his matching moonshots.


Hanley’s pair of jacks were of the pissrod variety, and his 4040v2s, like Pedey’s, are also fresher than yours.

@bharper3407 pants up dropping bombs on Opening Day with the @uabaseball Deception DT on the top left.

A photo posted by (@whatproswear) on

UA Deception DT Cleats

Rene Rivera of the Tampa Bay #Rays rocking some filthy digi-camo by @allstarsportinggoods today. A photo posted by (@whatproswear) on

All-Star Sporting Goods continues to flat-out bring it in the catching department.

Evoshield Elbow Guard

Kaenon Hard Kore Sunglasses 

Marucci Wood

Franklin Sports

Natural II Batting Gloves

Wilson A2000 Custom 1799

Under Armour Yard

madison-bumgarner-mizuno-gmp100-bk madison-bumgarner-mizuno-gmp100bk

Bumgarner dealt with his new Mizuno Pro Limited GMP100BK.  Read more about that one here.

Sonny Gray faced the minimum through 7 (no hits, no walks); more importantly, ABSURD SOCK GAME.  Try these.

Expect more from us this week, including WPW’s first regular season appearance, A’s vs Rangers tomorrow at the Coliseum.

Official Release of Robinson Cano’s New Balance 3000v2 Cleats


Robinson Cano’s shift to New Balance cleats was first reported by @mache275 on Instagram and finally we’ve got the full spread for you.

These look a lot different than the 3000v2/4040v2 combo that Mache showed off last month:

via @mache275 (Mache Custom Kicks)

via @mache275 (Mache Custom Kicks)

I am irrationally and irreversibly in love with teal (thanks, Griff) so these are probably my favorite NB cleats ever.  Probably between these and Nick Swisher’s 4040v2s.

Robbie lost his grandfather recently which might explain the ribbons on the tongue.

Also notice the “Revlite RC” which does not refer to Cano’s initials, but “a higher density version of New Balance’s Revlite cushioning compound (which reduces weight but not level of cushioning).” (via

UPDATE from New Balance’s Mark Clinard:

“Your explanation on the post of RevLite RC was correct.   It is a more responsive version of the REVLite foam compound.   We find it gives the player a firm and responsive ride (without any spike pressure) while also keeping it lightweight.  

One cool thing to note…the midsole actually houses two types of foam.  The area directly beneath the heel is our normal REVLite and it extends all the way down to the plate.  On the inline (retail) versions of the spike, you can see the cavity in the heel through the clear outsole plate.   The intent there is to maximize comfort with the cushioned ride of REVLite where you need it most.   The cushioning experience is very running shoe-esque.”

Between those two, which would you rock?

Shop the 3000v2 here.