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Superman Swag: Under Armour’s Alter Ego Batting Gloves and Cleats

superman bgs

We saw Under Armour tease a superhero batting glove at the Derby this year with Brian Dozier (below) and now we can get our hands in our very own Captain America, Batman, or Superman batting gloves, too.  (SHOP SUPERMAN AND BATMAN HERE, CAPTAIN AMERICA IN LIMITED SIZES HERE)

dozier captain america batting gloves

Looking at Dozier’s, these are the UA Undeniable style, while the retail gloves are UA’s Motive style glove.

captain planet bg

batman bgs


The UA Undeniable is also worth checking out:

under armour undeniable batting gloves

If it was up to me, I think I’d rock these.  SHOP ALL 5 COLORWAYS HERE.

Pair the Alter Ego gloves with these UA Deception Alter Ego cleats for the complete look:









We posted this on Instagram earlier and I wasn’t too sure how they’d be received, but the reception looks pretty positive.  What about you?  Would you be into this?  I don’t think there was ever a point in my baseball life that I wouldn’t have gotten TORN APART by teammates/opponents if I was wearing Superhero shoes, but maybe that’s not the case anymore.

Nike’s 1 of 1 Lunar Vapor Trout “MVP” Edition PLUS Great NIKEiD News

Mike Trout Nike California Golden Trout MVP Lunar Vapor Cleats

You may have heard, Mike Trout got his first MVP award today, a unanimous vote and about as shocking as the sun rising in the East.  He’s the best player in baseball for the foreseeable future.

To celebrate Mike Trout‘s (profile) historic season in which he won both the All Star MVP and regular season MVP, Nike created a 1 of 1 cleat for Trout which you can see above and below:

The box they came in with Trout's first LVT's and his All Star version included.

The box they came in with Trout’s first LVT’s and his All Star version included.

You can’t get the gold ones, those are MVP exclusives, but you can shop the rest of the Lunar Vapor Trout collection here.2 Mike Trout Nike California Golden Trout MVP Lunar Vapor Cleats

3 Mike Trout Nike California Golden Trout MVP Lunar Vapor Cleats

I’m gonna guess that Trout won’t be wearing these on the field.  The baseball gear equivalent of killing a unicorn.  What about you?  If you got these 1 of 1s, would you wear them?


IN RELATED NEWS, likely even more exciting to you is that the LUNAR VAPOR TROUT WILL BE AVAILABLE ON NIKEID.COM STARTING ON DECEMBER 15TH.  Something tells me a few Christmas lists just got a little longer.

(Editor’s Note: Thanks to the people who commented giving the heads up that these wouldn’t be available until next month.  That’s my bad getting excited and reading too fast.)

Pitch Smart by MLB Worth a Long Look

I was just alerted to this by an old teammate Jake Seiner who writes for MiLB and I think its worth a look and a bookmark to be used as reference.

MLB’s PITCH SMART, is (as you can see above) “a series of practical, age-appropriate guidelines to help parents, players and coaches avoid overuse injuries and foster long, healthy careers for youth pitchers.”

What I found most interesting so far is the pitch count guidelines chart (below).

There are also some great videos from guys like Dr. James Andrews and Brian Cashman.

As a pitcher who’s UCL is feeling more like Polly-O’s string cheese than a functional tendon these days, I think its worth a look.

Check out PITCH SMART here.

Huge Announcements from Franklin Sports…

franklin custom wpw

Franklin Sports made two HUGE moves today that all WPW readers NEED to check out:



We saw hints from Franklin that this day would come, and after giving their custom tool a shot myself, it is well worth the hype.  Within their robust custom tool Franklin Sports is offering the legendary Pro Classic for the first time in a long time, which you can see above, as well as the Franklin CFX Pro below (you can look at those here).

franklin custom wpw 2

Both models allow for total creative freedom—the Pro Classic offering 14 different areas for customization and the CFX Pro offering 21 different areas for customization.

On the main page you can check out some other custom jobs, including those from Hunter Pence and Miggy among others.

franklin custom matrix

Pricing for Franklin’s custom batting gloves is $49.99, which is excellent when you consider that Nike is pushing their stock Vapor Elite Pro gloves at $60.  You can add options that will bump the price slightly.

As WPW news goes, this is as big and as exciting as it gets.  CHECK OUT FRANKLIN’S CUSTOM BUILDER HERE.  YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED.

Madison Bumgarner’s Profile Added


If they ever held a vote for the MOST VALUABLE MOST VALUABLE PLAYER in World Series history, Bumgarner might be the unanimous winner of this year’s epic 7 game dogfight.

For me, he’s a Hall of Famer already.  At the very least he should be able to photobomb Bruce Bochy’s HOF plaque since he’s as responsible for punching his manager’s ticket as the manager himself.  Bochy would be the first to tell you that.  MadBum’s WPW profile here.  (Hint: the game was much more exciting than his gear.)

WPW’s Arbitrary and Biased World Series Preview

BY MIKE CAROZZA along with every other self-respecting baseball website has a World Series position-by-position breakdown, but not a single one is covering the WPW angle.  The gear of the World Series, in its own respect is worth examining.  Think about any big game you’ve played in—would you have gone out in the field with even a speck of doubt about the tools you were using to win?  No chance.  Look good, feel good, play good.  The Giants and Royals are at the apex of the game and you can be sure that every guy in these lineups is 100% confident in the equipment he’s using.

From WPW’s perspective, though, some guys make it look better than others.  Below is a totally arbitrary, blatantly subjective breakdown, position-by-position, of who’s got the edge in the (pivotal) “Swagger” category in the 2014 World Series.

Right Field


Pence (profile) vs Aoki is a great way to start this breakdown because its a perfect example of a better player with far less style or grace in his play.  Hunter Pence’s awkwardness is so well-documented he made a spoof video about it:

Pence is the only guy I’ve ever seen wear his pants above his knees, which is strange and also strange-looking.

I give Pence some credit for individuality and for his bulldog demeanor, but Aoki is also unique, but not in a strange-looking way like Pence.  He’s got some one-of-a-kind shiny blue Asics cleats that really stand out, plus another one-of-a-kind elbow guard made by Asics as well.  As well as he plays, it doesn’t take much to LOOK better than Pence on a ballfield.  Ugly swing, ugly throw, ugly run.  On the other hand, an Asian-style, closed leg lift, sweeping lefty swing is modern art, and Aoki’s got a pretty good one.  He gets the nod here.

Advantage: Royals

Center Field


Lorenzo Cain (profile) has been making a name for himself during this run as an elite defender, and that is crystal clear at this point.  The Giants are feeling pretty good in center field, too, though, with Blanco who makes tough plays look easy on a nightly basis.  As far as outfield defense goes, this is about as good as it gets.  Blanco definitely makes it look good, but Cain and his adidas gear and powder blues just look better.  Is that subjective, absolutely.  Powder blue for the win.

Advantage: Royals

Left Field


No contest.  I know Ishikawa is coming into this Series feeling as good as he’s ever felt on a baseball field, but here’s all you need to know about this Swagger matchup, from a recent article about Ishikawa getting sent the new Nike Lunar Vapor Trout cleats before the NLCS:

Ishikawa showed the cleats to Bumgarner.

“I said, ‘Am I cool enough to pull these off?’ ” Ishikawa said. “And (Bumgarner) said, without hesitation, ‘No.’ “

That is hilarious for a lot of reasons.  Alex Gordon’s (profile) repertoire, on the other hand, is no joke.  He does everything right, and unique, with a sick set of Lousville Slugger System 7 batting gloves and a digi camo Evoshield leg guard that just completes the blowout here.  Also, you simply cannot beard better than Gordon beards.

Advantage: Royals

Short Stop


Escobar gets plenty of points for really bringing his best when it comes to footwear.  We’ve seen him in converted Kobe 8s, as well as some other really clean colorways.  Crawford (profile), though, is an athletic wonder and his style of play is jaw-dropping.  He is as graceful a short stop as there is today, and he also has one of the best walk out songs in the game right now, Drake’s “Believe Me.”  Cold-blooded.

On the diamond Crawford has the long-haired, laid-back look of a guy that is in his element, at his happiest, like a world-class surfer shredding a wave.  Its easy for him.

Advantage: Giants

Third Base


Moose vs Panda (profile), a battle of mammalian beasts, is one of the more intriguing matchups we’ve got in the series.  Sandoval has World Series MVP swagger, a type of swagger that just 58 men who’ve ever walked the Earth can claim.  Moustakas on the other hand hasn’t been here before, but after 4 bombs in his first 8 playoff games and some big-time defensive plays, he’s not lacking for confidence either.

As for the look, Panda and Moose both bring it.  Moose rocks a fresh pair of volted Franklin Natural II custom batting gloves, while Panda mixes up his UA exclusives day-to-day.  We even saw him rocking the first-ever Batman batting gloves in a game back in August (unavailable as far as we can tell).  Where Panda sets himself apart, though, is his SSK leather.  Great colorway, drop-dead gorgeous glove.  That, and the ice in his veins is what gives him the edge here.

Advantage: Giants

Second Base

Omar Infante and Joe Panik (profile) have a similar, understated style on the field that reflects their style of play.  They both let their game do the talking, not a ton of rah-rah, expressiveness, or style points.  Infante does have a cool feature in his batting gloves, like Derek Jeter’s Jordans, with armor embedded in the top of the hand of his Franklin CFX Pros.  He’s pretty much standard issue, as is Joey Panik.

Where Panik stands out, though, is that textbook left-handed swing.  When the hips fire, the top-hand releases and Panik is fully uncoiled at the finish, you might as well be looking at the logo.  Panik’s swing is the prototype.

Advantage: Giants

First Base


Unlike Panik, Belt’s left-handed swing is not very photogenic.  Though extremely quick and powerful, its just not as pretty, though he gets points for a flat-out savage pimp job like the one seen after his 18th inning game-winner in the longest playoff game ever.

Hosmer (profile), though, is just an all-around swagger hound, a WPW follower (student of the game), and could be the freshest 1B in the league.  It doesn’t hurt that his 1.314 playoff OPS is just about double his 2014 regular season mark, which is completely ludicrous.  The guy just looks like he’s having a great time out there.

Hosmer loses points for a weird haircut, but not enough to change the outcome in this matchup.

Advantage: Royals



Analysts have pointed behind the dish as maybe the key position that has carried these two scrappy teams so far.  In Posey (profile) and Perez, you have the two best backstops in each league, both with different styles but tremendous results.  Salvy (profile) racks up points for his various sets of All Star gear, which I’ve mentioned is arguably the best in the game.

Where Salvy loses points though, is in his performance.  Perez, though he got a legendary walk-off knock in the wildcard game, has been lost at the plate during the postseason.  A .118 playoff batting average is not swag, no matter how good you look.

Posey, underwhelming as he might be stylistically, just performs.  When you’re wearing two World Series rings with a Rookie of the Year and an MVP award in the trophy case, at age 27, the rest of your outfit doesn’t matter.

Advantage: Giants



As much as any position in sports, the word “presence” is used to measure starting pitchers.  Both of these aces have it in spades.  Bumgarner and Shields, at 6’5/235 and 6’3/215 respectively, are imposing forces on the bump.  Both will gladly throw fists if not baseballs.

Intimidation is a strength for both of these front-end horses, but what really makes this matchup a landslide is blatantly irresponsible nicknaming.  Somewhere along the way, someone started calling James Shields “Big Game” James, a catchy slogan, yes, but deserved?  Absolutely not.  Shields is 3-4 with a bloated 5.19 ERA in his playoff career, getting through 7 innings just one time in his 9 career playoff starts.  Last I checked, playoffs qualify as “Big Games.”

It may not be Shields’ fault that the name has stuck, but its a glaring misnomer, especially when put up against a guy who threw 8 innings of shutout ball in the World Series at age 21.

Bumgarner is the second-coming of Randy Johnson, he could care less about who’s in the box (“not a video guy,” his words), and he drinks 6 beers at a time.

Advantage: Giants

Total: Giants 5, Royals 4

In a tight one, the Giants edge out a slight Swagger advantage over the Royals.  Regardless of the outcome, I’m ready to watch these two warrior ballclubs scrap.  So many enjoyable players to root for, and two teams that so clearly enjoy the game.

If it were up to you, who would you have taken?

Enjoy the Series.  Tweet me.

Kolten Wong’s Profile Added

kolten wong chandler bat, kolten wong rawlings glove, under armour spine cleats, under armour yard vii batting gloves, oakley sunglasses, kolten wong stirrups

This dude is out of his friggin mind right now and you have to wonder just how much power he derives from those stirrups.  Check his profile out here.